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Why a male's penis is shaped the way it is..

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by ride-KAWASAKI-, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. So im taking a 3000 level Evolution and Systematics class this semester, and I learned that the male's penis is shaped specifically for sexual competition. Theoretically, the head is shaped the way it is so that during initial copulation, it will "plunge" or "scrape" out a previous mate's sperm when the penis is drawn out, allowing the new mates sperm to hopefully fertilize the female.

    I even had a test question on it yesterday, lol

    Guess theres an evolutionary explanation for everything..? lol :confused:
  2. Woah... that's some crazy shit.

    I guess the ridge of the head could scrape some out? :confused_2:

    Sounds pretty gross though, I don't want my dick foolin' around with another guy's man juice.

  3. Yeah that sounds quite disgusting but makes sense. +rep for providing me with strange knowledge! haha
  4. lol, well it was useful over a thousand years ago, maybe not so much now.. lol
  5. Either way it still is disgusting but, a knowledgable fact. Thanks.
  6. fucking awesome.
  7. Haha how the fuck do scientists come to this conclusion? Did they have no other explanation for why our cocks have helmets?
  8. I wonder if it will keep "evolving" since we don't really need it to scrape out other dude's jizz anymore.

    What weird shape will it come up with next.
  9. #9 ride-KAWASAKI-, Apr 15, 2010
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    I really don't think humans are evolving much anymore, we arent really evolutionarily influenced by the environment anymore, and there isnt really "competition" to allows certain genetic traits to dominate. Ugly people, hot people, fatties, skinnies, blacks, whites, midgets, handicaps, we all reproduce and contribute. There really isn't survival of the "fittest" either, since we pretty much all survive and pass down at least one offspring.

    i think southpark has it right, if we DO evolve, we will be a melting pot of ALL traits.


    ...lol Goobacks :hello:
  10. Don't call them goobacks Stan!
  11. makes sense, although idk how well it would work really bc if she is still filled up with another dude's juice then shes prolly pretty loose
  12. Bet it they realised from personal experience. Were any of these scientists European?
  13. Gwok Gwok...Balls... Gwok Gwok.
  14. So...my penis is a plunger now?
  15. Only if it makes a pop sound when you pull out.

    Could be mighty useful if a kid puts his toys in your woman's vagina.

  16. :confused: Yuck lol
  17. What? Some kids have dildos....
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    haha wow this is some useful information. I think its ironic though, 1000 years ago we were fighting to get the girl pregnant now were hoping someone else got her pregnant instead.

    P.S. Thanks for the +rep Olesmokey

  19. LOL sooo true! +rep 4sho
  20. Haha, I was just thinking something along the lines of this.

    If our penises are meant for that, that means women (whenever it was) were having multiple partners within a very short time (I dunno sounds like gang rape)? The way I've understood it, the only mutual copulation going on between ancient humans was if a male could protect and keep 'his' woman, she was his to do with?

    Makes you think?

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