whould it be good if

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  1. would it be good if u sprayed co2 on a plant if so whatr does it do
  2. Hmmm...Seeing as the plant feeds on co2, it would just being like us breathing pure oxygen. A lot easier to breathe i guess
  3. may be a better question for the growing forum, and to answer your question i would think that depends, the only way i know how to store CO2 is frozen, so when you spray it on the plant it may freeze it, which definatly isnt good. but i couldnt really tell you
  4. i have a paintball gun that runs off of co2 and all i halvd to do is just unscrew the valve and it sprays but i dont know if i should do it or no so please help
  5. If you are just starting growing I would say the best advice is not to involve CO2 straight away at all. It's true that you can get good results from the use of it but it is a complex thing that requires some more equipment and effort. The use (and amount) of CO2 needs to be strictly controlled, too little and you're basically wasting time and money, too much and you will poison your precious babies.

    The problem most have with CO2 is consistancy of CO2 delivery. To just add a random amount of CO2 periodically will see no substantial (if any) increase in yield. If you are just going to stick a bucket of sugared water and yeast in your grow room then you're better off just increasing ventilation and airflow so the plant can transpire more efficiently and there are less “air pockets” of “used” air.

    Further before thinking about CO2 you have to think about whether your current grow can support it, artificial CO2 supplements will only have a positive effect if used in combination with the right grow temps, additional nutes etc etc.

    To add another dimension to the problems there are many different opinions on the level of CO2 that should be in the air in order to create optimum conditions. I've heard of rooms running from as little as 500ppm (parts per million) all the way upto 5000ppm.

    So, summarising.

    When thinking about CO2 you must think about:

    1) How much CO2 you want to add to the grow room;
    2) How you are going to measure and keep the room at this consitant rate;
    3) Whether you can induce the higher temperature needed and the airflow needed;
    4) Whether you can schedule your fertilising to a higher level so that the plants can get the additional nutrients they need to support the extra growth;
    5) Do I really need all this hassle.

    I don't personally bother finding that I can get the yield and quality I require using more simple methods. I do however know some who swear by it and there is absolutely NO DOUBT AT ALL that good use of CO2 will enhance your yield quantity by allowing your plants to work more efficiently, absorb more nutrients and grow faster and larger.

    Summer temps have been so hot this year so far though so who knows what will happen next year.

  6. good answer sureshot.......there is not a huge tollerance between too little and too much, and bear in mind that a good co2 system costs a lot of money, and is generally ran off a laptop computer as well, hence you'd be needing to have a firm base of knowledge first and a room of plants worth investing in it for...........Peace out........Sid
  7. any increase in co2 will help. thats why talking to ur plants helps. im a firm believer that co2 increases yield and speed.

    roughly a 100g of baking soda and a liter of vinegar produces a cube meter of 1200ppm co2.

    u do that ever few days to a grow room and u will see a diff.

    but if u either have a large room/ outside/ constant vent. this is prob useless.

    constant venting does keep those dead air pockets gone. that is why a fan always running is a good deal.

    my growroom is about 500sqft. what i do is do a vinegar bomb and then not vent the room for a few days. im gonna work on a drip system for my veg area. my guess is that a fan on a budding table is good enough but the veg area uses up alot of co2 in a short time. veg is prob where co2 has the biggest bang for the buck and my veg area is small enough to where i prob could keep the co2 levels at around 600ppm+. that will no-doubt increase growthtime. im also gonna try a vinegar/gypsum machine. seems a cheaper way of doing things but i dont know how it will work out.

    my guess is that i will use about a gallon of vinegar each week is about as much as i need for my little grow room.


    a little added info for some fun reading on the subject.

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