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  1. * Is it just me or does the chargers that come with vape batteries never (or very rarely) work for you? Cuz I must have 25 of them and I do consider myself a handyman who can fix most things. I’ve “fixed” or had to “fix” every single charger I’ve gotten, and I still have to tiptoe through the tulips while charging my batteries. I have to set it just so, or set them on an angle, and light an inscense and pray to a deity, do a little dance, and sacrifice a chicken. All just to hit my oil pen.

    P.S.— No chickens were harmed in the typing of this post.
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  2. Maybe not while you were typing..........but what about during the dilemma.....when you had to put them at an angle.........did you "kick" a chicken then???????????? HUH?????????:lmafoe:
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  3. These vape Pens aren’t worth the recycled rebranded repurposed crap they’re made with. Rechargeable Batteries, bleh! It oughta be a swear word. Every charge cycle they are put through you lose MaH on those batteries and by consequence they aren’t as good as they were brand new. Companies just buy old batteries and sell em’ like they’re new. Especially China.

    I hate these dumb vape pens. What a crappy market. You lose quality for convenience.
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  4. Vape pens are wack get some flower.
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  5. I’ll tell ya, but ya gotta promise not to tell PETA on me hahaha
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  6. Here, here!
  7. Always have some flower. The pens are just convenient when participating in certain activities. Like going to visit family or sit through a recital lmfao. That’s about all they’re good for.
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