Whose High Right Now??

Discussion in 'General' started by Grossydabossy, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Who else out there is high right now on a sunday night (8:43 pm east coast)? :bongin: Rippin my brand new bong I got today?
  2. this is a weed forum
    on a sunday night

    probably the majority of ppl on here
  3. i'm getting drunk at the moment

    no work tomorrow
  4. oh! so close. 8:57 (est) and i...am...high
  5. haha
    me too

    im not smokin
    cause i cant
    funny that i posted that
    and im not even one of them
    oh well:rolleyes:

    i had two days off in a row
  6. what are you drinking and why can't you smoke
  7. I got school tomorrow ha
  8. Properly stoned at the moment, just smoking a bowl every now and then to get me through the day with chores and stuff.
  9. I'm fucking hung over, three days of drinking and partying, just about to shower and sit down and watch the VMA's, blazed as fuck. Hope everyone is having a good night.
  10. im so fucked up off a hammer :)
  11. watching the packers game eating a buffalo chicken sandwich.thatswassup
  12. I like you got my new bong today, and yes the answer to your question!
  13. yuengling


    im on probation
    got a UA in 2 weeks
  14. Love the beer, bummer on probation, next BR is for you buddy. ;)
  15. never heard nor had that. is it any good / easy to find?

    probation blows. at least you can drink man.
  16. 9:15

    Meditating, medicating :smoke:
  17. never heard of yuengling?
    its only the oldest(still existing) brewery in america
    originally in POTtsville, PA
    its a great lager
    has a wonderful hopps taste to it, and goes exquisitely with weed (take a hit, hold it in, drink some, blow smoke out)
    and yea, its a big company, so you can find it anywhere

    my fav. beer

    anyway, probations not that bad, given me time to let my head clear from all this smoke
  18. sounds like i'm hitting up the liquor store tomorrow

  19. you live up north?

    its illegal around here to sell beer in liquor stores
    but its illegal in the north(new jersey) to sell it anywhere else but liquor stores, lol
    crazy laws

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