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Whose high right now?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I am baked! I know there are already so many of these but frankly, I'm too high to give a fuck. Plus we need one for the apprentice tokers section. Whose baked?
  2. I can not lie I am High
  3. i wish i was high
  4. I love life:smoking:
  5. I smoke like .1-.2 of a g of some serious dank and im such a fucking lightweight.:hello: 4 more days till classes start, I better enjoy this shit while I still can:smoking:
  6. common now, I know more of you are stoned
  7. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: HIGH AS FUCK!
  8. oh oh me! Bedtime high is my favorite! I'm about to go watch marie Antoinette and pass outt
  9. Come on man, ya'll know Spaz Stays the Fuck high!

    And I took a cyboxin shortly ago...

    Got 2 big roaches for the bong, and a gram of super dankness.

    This rip is for all the new guys! :smoking:
  10. I am high, as I always am! Perma stoned FTW!!!!!
  11. Uhh...


    What is it.....

    What is i do again???

  12. 2 smashed to get up to get something to hungry ..
  13. fuck yeah right here

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