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Who's Your Humphrey??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kmrgarland, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Who's your Humphrey Bogart? Usually there is one person who you toke with that holds the joint like its a God damn microphone. Mine is my mother, and she's the Goddess of Ganja-wasting. I've been burnt from her wild hand talking whilst the joint is burnin' away.

    WHO'S YOUR HUMPHREY??:devious:
  2. No one, I get pissed if they take too long and tell them to fuckin pass that shit.
  3. my one friend tom. he never fucking passes it till you say something. ill count 3 hits then be like "yo asshole is that your weed? no huh well then pass that right fucking now!" god everytime
  4. ^^This, only I don't get mad, and I ask a little nicer. :D
  5. My friend Andrew, and thats why I dont smoke with him no more, ive seen him literally hold a blunt for about 2 and a half mins (seems alot worse when your waiting) he just kept puffing away on it, shit was almost half gone, I would have been fine with it, but it WASNT his weed, or blut, not even his fucking lighter for that matter, but he thinsk cause were in his house, he can do what he wants, thats why I dont smoe with him no more.
  6. My friends father.
  7. I find that it is usually someone from a generation previous than I, and I've asked "parents" why they do this and they say, "because when i was younger, the pot was shit and the joints were 3x the size so it didn't matter anyways..."

    I tell people to pass it a little nicer, but when the pot I'm smoking is my mom's, if I bitch then she rubs it in saying, "Ummmm, whos joint is this?" So I pretend I'm more interested in the joint then her stories and glance at the doob every ten seconds till she passes lol. :rolleyes:
  8. I know two people that just fucking hold the blunt/joint and just look at it and talk about how nicely it's rolled. Just pass that shit to me and enjoy looking at it from a distance.
  9. I call it, "parking on the grass". You gotta tell em to pass that shit!!
  10. You sound like a huge douchebag.
  11. Haha reminds me of one my old homeboys. That fool would talk so much in between hits you would have to relight it almost every time it got to you. Even cigarettes were goin out on him.
  12. Believe me, I'm one for interesting conversation. But when your butts are going out on ya then take a step down from the podium for a minute. Enjoy your joint and/or cigarette. There will be plenty of time for conversing when your ripped lol:smoke:

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