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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by tommy chong, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. mine has to be salvador dali, he is whithout a doubt the greatest surrealist and an extremely talented artist. Thing i love most about his work has to be the way he turns substances, hard or soft, into pulp.
  2. I really like salvador dali aswell, but theres so many other artists i like its too hard list them all. Then theres photographers, i really like the work of bernd and hiller becher, aswell as andreas gursky, and many others.
  3. Hey all, I'm new and I don't know very many professional artists, but I know my art is TOTALLY ORIGINAL! I enjoy tomas kinkad because his art is full of vivacious life & color that is opposite of bleek and misery... Warm fruitful pieces that bound a life of fullness & prosperity. A spirited piece of popular art.

    With love & humility


  4. photographers eh? Have you ever seen any of David Heartfield's work? He did a lot of photomontage in the 30's, a lot of which were satirical views of hitlers reigime in germany, my favourite picture by him is 'hurrah die butter ist alle!'
  5. I'm a Dali fan that's for sure. I also love Van Gogh and Rembrandt
  6. i don't mind rembrant, but i'm not that big a fan of van gough. Can you believe dali started out as an impressionist? It wwas only after he made 'un chien andalou' with Bunel that he became a surrealist
  7. the dali exhibit in st. petersburg, fl - is amazing. check it out if you ever get a chance. they've even got sketches and thumbnails of his greater drawings.
  8. picasso is a genious, no one undestands line, plane and texture like the p-man
  9. Art is a lie in which the truth of the world reveals itself


  10. Wow, well I would like to go to st. petersburg (not sure if i will) But if i do, i'll check it out
  11. francisco de goya is my favorite artist
  12. dali's crazy. love all the subliminal things you see about his religious...umm "demons" i guess? that and if i remember right you can see references to impotence.

    there's another artist too (spanish, oo coincidence) who did a painting of the royal family (i believe) and in the painting, there is a mirror where you can see him working on the painting. i dunno, thatspretty trippy
  13. yes, a lot of his works signify impotence, especialy 'the enigma of william tell', and in his film 'Un Chien Andalou' where the anti hero is seen pulling a rotting donky on a piano. That too symbolises impotence

    apparently :confused:

  15. that is pretty damned good! I've seen a few pieces in that style, but that's probably the best one.
  16. rembrandt, breugal, richard kane ferguson are my faves.. probably more but those stay in my head..
  17. m.c. usher is one of my favorits and paul klee is good paccso does some cool stuff(i mean did) but m.c. ushers work is amasing how do you turn a fish into a bird is beyond me

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