whos your fav guitarist

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fav guitarist

  1. trey annastasio-Phish

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  2. Stevie Ray Vaughn

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  3. Jimmy Hendrix

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  4. Angus Young-ACDC

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  5. Tom Morello-Rage against the machine

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  6. other

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  7. Jimmy Page

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  1. whos your fav my favorite is trey
  2. The one and only....

    Jimi Hendrix.
  3. UHHHHHHH WTF....Where the fuck is Neil Young?????you all know he owns=DDD...anyway hes my favorite..
  4. where is everybody
  5. uhhh exactly why don't you have Brad Nowell up there? he is with out a doubt one of the greatest song writers, guitar players and singers of all time.
  6. John Frusciante (sp?) of the chili peppers
  7. peter green
    robben ford
    john mclaughlin
    pat metheny
  8. what about Joe Satriani?

    He's not my favorite, my favorite is Jimmy Page, but he deserves some mention.
  10. Slash

    maybe not the biggest innovator but amazing, towering riffs. old school Guns n Roses + baked = ownage
  11. wow you left out a lot
    pete townshend
    john foggerty
    stevie ray vauhn
    george harrison
    ted nugent
    eric clapton(1)

    you should do some more research on the topic before you put a poll up like that. for one thing there rarely are modern gutarists that compare to the guitarists of today, because the started it all and developed the style of guitar that we have today. It also make me sad to think that we will never have bands like The Who, THe Beatles, or Creedence ever again. All the music that has ever been written is the best music that will ever exist.
  12. cris oliva

    cris caffery
  13. Ted Nugent
    Neil Young
    Malcolm Young
    John Fogerty
    Steve Vai
    Eddie Van Halen
    Sammy Hagar
    Allen Collins
    Steve Raines
    Keith Richards
    Duane Allman
    Joe Perry
    Jeff Beck
    Joe Walsh
    Dave Gilmour
    Brian May

    I have a lot of favorites
  14. i hafta go with nick drake as the best ever... who do you guys think is the best bassist
  15. texas that is the dumbest comment i have ever heard good music continues to be written everyday. the best bassist imo would have to be rob derhak of the band moe. listen to him
  16. stevie ray vaughn was choice #2 plus i picked guitarists from all different music for a wider variety of people. and yeah the oldies rock. shit i didnt even put jerry on the poll to ripped to remember i guess. i cant believe nobody has picked tom morrelo
  17. kirk hammet (his old stuff)
    tom morello
    jimi hendrix
    syd barret (sp?) <= from pink floyd

    best bassist...

    i have to agree with weedeater... moe kicks ass
    but i think les claypool takes it for bass
  18. first, i just wanted to ask why, if trey anastasio is your favorite guitarist, you didn't spell his name correctly in your poll?

    trey is my fav too.

    best bassist...

    les claypool is damn good, BUT the best bassist is no doubt, hands-down:

    Victor Wooten.

    the guy is just amazing.

    he plays with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, but his solo stuff is great too.

    he's just...

    just listen to him, ok?

    you'll be impressed.

    you'll be amazed.

    you'll be astounded.

    you'll be doing whatever you can to get more of his music.


    peace and... uh... something that rhymes with peace,
    the Infrequent Ninja
  19. jon petrucci. dream theater.

    cliff burton. metallica.

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