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  1. ok so me and one of my old friends were kinda becoming friends again, i didnt answer his texts/calls alot because i dont not like him but i dont wanna become friends again. wich is kinda messed up i shoulda just told him that. but yesterday my good friend told me he was talking shit about me calling me a faggot for never answering me, than i saw him tonight and he acted like nothing happened, so i called him out on it, and he goes " dave interperted it wrong, thats not how i meant it " so i said whatever dude ( wasnt tryna start a fight at my friends house ). i had a backpack with some brews in it, a byob party and he goes yo can i get a beer? and i was like ya watever fuck it, and he grabs 4 and drops 3 thinking i wouldnt notice he took more than 1. and i was like wtf are you doing dude, and pushed him into the wall. but ppl broke it up and are pissed at me for tryna fight. but i never fight.. i just wanna know if im actually wrong or if people are blaming me for nothing... basically im asking, what would you have done/ do?
  2. I wouldn't have even gotten into that sketchy situation to begin with, or would've calmly explained how I felt rather than resorting to shoving like an immature 15 year old.

    Also, violence and alcohol do not go well together, and if you don't understand that, then you shouldn't drink.
  3. None of that is actually worth fighting over. You could have just told him to put them back. Still sucks though
  4. I be friends with everyoneeeeee. smoke more weed

  5. im an extremely responsible drinker. i only drink on occasion, (this was for my best girl friend ( ball date, ect ) her going away party so i had a few drinks with her. its just im asking cause my friends are angry with me for getting mad at the kid, but he was talking shit and tried stealing my beer when i was greatfull enough to give him one of my beers.
  6. So then explain that to him, and if he doesn't understand that then pick up your shit and leave.

    If you're trying to be generous and they're taking advantage of you, then can either stand up for yourself and leave or stay there with them and share whatever you have, allowing them to take advantage of you.

    The only way you can actually win both ways here is if you have respectful friends that bring their own beverages/share with you equally.

    In the end, neither of you were right. Try communication next time, its more conscious and causes less wars.

  7. thats why i said in my OP that i dont really wanna be friends with him cause i dont respect him, and thats why i stood up for myself and pushed him cause i wasnt gonna let him take adavantage of me. do you think im wrong for that?
  8. You were right to offer him a beer. Fuck the bullshit. Should he have kept taking them without asking? No.. Unless you were previously cool like that.

    Fuck fighting though.. Especially at someone's party. You had no right to pull that shit regardless of the situation.
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    You need to stop quoting only part of my message...you're forgetting the part that I mentioned how you utilized violence to get your point across.

    Any time you use violence, you're wrong; violence just perpetuates more violence and inevitably makes everyone wrong.
  10. i didnt fight cause i respect the persons household and respect them for graciously having me over. i would have never faught them in they're house hold. now on the violence part, i know it was wrong and i dont condone violence for any reason at all. it was just a quick shove just to get him away from me for pulling stuns like stealing from me/ lying right to my face. and thats what people got angry at me for? and i dont feel like i should apologize but im not sure if im wrong and my friends are right/ have a reason to be mad?
  11. Yeah but causing a scene to where people gotta pull you apart is also pretty disrespectful =\. I mean, you should have just talked it out when you caught him. I don't think your friends should really be that pissed though. Shouldn't be that hard of something to let go of
  12. nobodys "wrong"

    your just fucking with fuckshit people. cut this bullshit out of your life, simple as that

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