Who's winning the superbowl?

Discussion in 'General' started by Escape The Fate, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. who do you think is gonna go all the way this year, theirs so many good teams but i gotta stick with the pats or bengals
  2. yankees are taking the world series and giants are taking the super bowl
  3. I hate the yankees more than anything even though they swept my boys 5-0

    but yeah patriots
  4. series - tigers
    superbowl - lions (maybe i'm being a little too optimistic lol)

  5. bhahah..ur joking rite...

  6. I gotta go with the hometown team...Patriots are going to the Super Bowl

    As far as the Fall Classic, the Yanks may be ahead now...but if the Sox can wrap up the wild card or even the AL East we'll have to hope the Yankees choke like they did in 2004 :cool:
  7. Obviosly the pats...
  8. Redskins, baby.
  9. dont anyone fuck with the steel city. we bleed our black and gold
  10. unfortunately the panthers.
  11. fuck yeah....E-A-G-L-E-S.....EAGLES!!!!!

    And in reply to everyone that utters that oh so terrible word "pats" can rightfully get on your knees, lean in, unclasp my belt, unzip my pants, pull out, ever so softly, my long horse-like dick, and procede to go down on me the way most bostoners and patriot fans do, in an experienced, thourough manner....

    .....(aka, all patriot fans can suck my dick).....

  12. even tho our teams are division rivals.... i gotta agree with u on the pats thing... how can they call them a dynasty when 2 f there 3 superbowls were won on a last second field goal.. they arent blowing neone out...

    now the cowboys of the 90's and the niners of the 80's steelers of the 70's those were dynastys...

    +rep for the hatred of boston teams
  13. lol @ all these bandwagoners in this thread.. pats, "eagles".. bwahaha

    it gon be COWBOYS and CHIEFS in the SUPERBOWL

    with KCC prevailing... mark my words
  14. You really think the chiefs, loko? They're kinda' my hometown squad, but I dunno'. (i live about 40 miles from KCK)
  15. hell yeah.. gotta be behind my team.. i thought they was gonna head to the superbowl in 2004.. but them damn colts.. i couldnt believe it.. 38-34.. oh well.. we still recoverin.. but they on the come-up

  16. lol if it like u said chiefs vs cowboys.... im propose a bet of some sorts should be at hand....:smoking:
  17. yup this guys knows whats up
  18. i think the colts lost it now.. they came out hard and were lookin good in that pregame with the seahawks.. they were executing their plays an capitalizing.. but they just fell apart after those 1st few drives...

    as for chiefs... smoked stoopid, whatchu have in mind bro?

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