Whos waking up at 4:20am tommorow?

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I am, and i'm going to have like a gram session to myself then go back to bed then wake up whenever and start blazing all day:wave:
    Its gonna be grand.

  2. Dude, as soon as that clock strikes 12, its on like donkey kong! but yes, ill make sure im blazing when the clock is on 4:20 both times too! only hours to go!
  3. I would if I was at home but unfortunately I'm in Australia at my cousins (non smoker) and there is no way of picking up herb in the vacinity of her house. I can't believe that Im gonna be spending 420 dry definatly wishing I was home :mad:
  4. I will not be getting up at 4:20a to smoke. I will do plenty of it when I'm actually awake to take care of what I would have smoked earlier. :D
  5. I will. We outta have a burn here on the site. I've got a Qp of some middies sitting under my..stuff. Got a whole box full of Optimos, and my bud's bubbler. But after about 10, i'll be too faded to get on the comp. ha
  6. I might get up, I really don't know how I'm going about 420, I have to work, but I have also been sick for like 2 days so i might just get even sicker and have to stay at the house and smoke my self out......... Hey it could happen. Hoping to stay high all day tomorrow. JOE>
  7. i have school in the morning at 8 and then the lab from 2-4...but between class and after it is on!! have about 5 1/2 ounces for me and my brother-in-law's heads!!!
  8. i got a 9 am class tomarrow but i'll be lit up like a christmas tree, cant say it will be a 420 am blaze but somewhere round there, peace
  9. yeah im picking up later....mabye a quarter? ill post pics later...but yes i will be hittin that shiiot allll day..
    happy tokin boys/girls
  10. No, but I'll be up at 5am gettin ready for work....but I get off at 3pm and all my smokin buddies get outta school at 3pm and we gonna blaze ALL DAY
  11. haha cmon guys, isnt that taking it a BIT too far lol?
  12. nah, but I'm waking up at 7:30am to smoke an eighth blunt with a couple people before they have their 8am class...from then I'll go to some other houses and just blaze weed to the head all day long
  13. Unlike alot of you. I have to work.

    But 12:00 tonight there will be a joint.

    and once 3:00 rolls around tommorow, then i'm taking off early and the mayhem can begin.

  14. Its just waking up a bit earlier, cmon it comes around once a year.

    I booked 420 off like 4 months ago, so I knew I wouldnt have to work
  15. i got class from 10am until 6pm tomorrow so i wont be wakin up early to do anything

    even if i had weed, i prolly wouldnt wake up at 420am, just because i would smoke and then go back to sleep. I would rather enjoy laying around being stoned than sleeping while stoned, jmo
  16. If i didn't have to work, i'd be in the same boat as you, eric.

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