Who's Up & Chillin? [Positive Vibes]

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    So who's still nice & wide awake?
    5:17 A.M. Eastern

    I'll be coming down from Adderall in an hour give or take. Already feeling tired, and starting to feel this sunburn I attained yesterday.

    ~Quick Story
    I just got home last night around 8pm or so (the night which just occurred) from my family's cottage with my father for some bonding time, and we had each just picked up a half. The plan was to get there in the evening and relax for the night, wake up early, golf 18 holes and after that go with whatever we felt like doing.

    The beach was hiked, Frisbee & Hacky Sack played, food stores raided for munchies, the cottage hotboxed, and the recliners reclined. All in all, everything, for once, turned out as planned and It's been a damn long time since I was lucky enough to experience that level of chill.

    So how are you blades occupying your current spare time? I'm just smoking bowls & Js with the music bumpin; keeping the chill alive.

    Positive vibes going out to all Blades, keep on tokin' :smoke:
  2. here its 12.19 pm so yeah im awake.....getting ready to smoke my first spliff of the day...if only some people could just shut the fuck up in here it would be great...
  3. 2:31 in the AM here in San Diego. up until shiiiiit I have no idea!
  4. 7:04pm in australia, keep blazin, im bout to now. :smoking:
    take it easy. peace.

  5. 4:40 here.. got home awhile ago.. made food and now i've been hittin the bong, music.. then sleep
  6. I'm now smoking:smoking: , the sound pollution in this house has stopped, and im listening to manu chao

    Welcome to Tijuana
    Tequila, sexo y marihuana
    Welcome to Tijuana
    Con el coyote no hay aduana
    Bienvenida a Tijuana
    Bienvenida mi amor
    De noche a la mañana
    Bienvenido a Tijuana

    and at every first high of the day i always think that if there's a God,marijuana is god's gift for all the rest shit in life.

    p.s. look at those hours..a few blades in the city and yet we are so international:rolleyes:hehehe
  7. 7:34am eastern right now. I Just woke up, no work for me today as I am expecting a call to see if I got a job or not. I can never sleep very late even if I stay up till 3am, i'll still wake up refreshed at 7 or 8. Now its time for a shower and a wake n bake.
    Enjoy your Friday GC!:smoking:
  8. Yea, 9:30am Eastern(10:07am finished :D). I'm amazed I'm still awake. My last Adderall dose was around 10pm last night; 40mg instant release orally, not even on an empty stomach...

    I had eaten a Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich I would say... at least three, could just as easily be four hours before I dosed the Adderall, but I really have to do them on an empty stomach because for me personally, even having a little in my stomach will greatly weaken a high, except the sweet mary's euphoria, of course.

    So I'm a little surprised I'm not even as tired as I was when I was posting the posts earlier in this thread. I took 4mg of Klonopin as well (empty stomach) maybe about 30 minutes ago by now and smoked either a J or a roach I can't remember, and a bowl.

    Wait... two roaches smoked through my bubbler so they were water filtrated, plus another regular bowl. Took me awhile, but I got it :)

    I have some really bad sunburns on my arms, face, and neck, but they havent been a problem at all. In fact, sometimes they provide warmth to my skin, its like a forearm, neck and face warmer-thingy, but it's wireless and doesn't need batteries, only sunlight.

    I'm breaking up what's left of my 1/2 zip right now and rolling most of it into Js, enough Js to roll a decent-sized 2nd generation joint, which is one of my new habits; I have like a dozen roaches lying around at any point in time, so why not?

    Anyways, keep the positive vibes flowing throughout our city that I (as well as all of you, hopefully) respect & cherish a great deal, I may or may not fall asleep I have no idea; I may end up smoking the rest of my weed... we'll see after I stop typing and start rolling
    sorry for the long post


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