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Whos the most stoned person here?

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Man, im soooo baked right now. I really dont think anyone here is more baked than i am.

    i just smoked a big bong. of some really good weed. that was in a huuge roach from a really fat doobie. oooo weeee.

    i hope you all get real stoned tonight! someone smoke with me! Smoooooke wiiiiiiiiiiiith meeeeeeeeeee!
  2. Meet me in Syracuse, NY. We'll burn a few down.
  3. i have not smoked in 5 months :(

    im not the most stoned
  4. definately not me either.
  5. I will be, as soon as the weekend comes around...
  6. well last night i was so stoned, i was lying on my bed and it felt like i was lying on ground or something, hard to describe....but it was bliss, had smoked bowls, then ate some, then later smoked a big cone with a friend, damn was i high...:D

    But now i'm dry(well except enough for 2 or 3 bowls).

  7. that is very true.....i still dream about being stoned and cant wait till july 27th when probation is over.
  8. on my second J of the night since i got home at 4.30, just chillin watching zep at earls court..........so i'm not the most stoned here.........yet!...........*now where did i leave that gas mask?*....lol........Peace out.......Sid
  9. i am now, had a few bowls :D
  10. damn, no longer the most stoned here.

    alright, at 10 oclock tonight, i want you all to report back with how stoned you got today!!!!!

  11. At 10 pm tonight I plan to be really stoned, maybe not the most stoned, but definitely will be smiling!
  12. well last night i had another 3 J's and managed to smoke myself retarded.......lol......watched about 20 minutes of the goonies and got a good night's sleep........something i hadn't had for 3 days.........damn it feels good to be refreshed........Peace out........Sid
  13. well its not really 10PM, it's 7:25am, and i just got outta work, and i'm stupid-diddly-shit-fucked.
  14. I am THE stone
  15. I'm definately not the most stoned. The mother stole my bong again today because my foolish carpenter of a brother left it lying on his bedroom floor. My pipe's was lost on Hogmanay too ("Hogmanay?" say the foreigners. That's New Year's Eve.) So, I currently have nothing to smoke with. A friend's coming back North with a new pipe tomorrow though and there's a bong in the post.
  16. hahah good work boys!!

    Keep it up!


    mmm, 2am last night, i blazed a huge bong ;) soo nice.
  17. im not the most stoned, havent had any for about a week... just thought id share that with u people. lookin forward to the next time i spark up a bowl, god knows when that'll be though, i gotta be sneaky cuz my rents dont know so that severly limits it, it sucks. cant wait till i got a place of my own.
  18. First, I got to say to stash up, nice avatar. Butters is the SHIT.

    On topic, I am not the most stoned person here. See my sig for details. :( :( :(
  19. just took some hits on thebongiJ juast made. its cheap and easy but IT WORKS!:smoking: ican heardly type it works so good I keep losing the spacebar i think oh well whothe fuck caress
  20. Me. I'm really thinking it's me!

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