whos the most seasoned??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by adamBC, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. so which of you oldschool stoners here has been blazing for the longest time??

    i know alot of you started blazing before i was born, but theres gotta be some of you that are up to like 30 years almost...

  2. LOL I remember those days!!!!

    23 years under the table!

    I had to edit... I screwed up!
  3. ibeen tokin for 7 years smoking every day except maby for a week or 2 here n there....im really high im sorry i it dont much undestand but hey its the city right? lol yall understand i hope. peace out

  4. hahhah and it was uphill both ways? and you had to wear your dads pajamas?

  5. Barefooted and PREGNANT too!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!
  6. so we have a shoeless young boy whos pregnant walking uphill 6 miles in snow up to his chest wearing only his fathers pajamas.

    you had it tough bliv :D
  7. toker for over 4 years.
    thats over 20% of my life now.

    no where near as impressive as 20 something years.. but it makes me happy to know i've come so far in such a short time.

  8. Rag weed to boot!!!!!!! OK there were no boots!!!!!!!
  9. hahahha bongish, a hollowed out tree branch would be a fucking awesome looking bong!!!! might have to try that someday.... maybe when im full of mushrooms in the woods sometimes (although that doesnt happen often hahahah :D )

    damn you all! ive been smoking for only 3 years now, but i started out real hard and have kept going since. i know my fair share about the chronic in my short time...

    but the real question is... how old was i when i started :O ???

  10. You are 21 right??
  11. 6 years. I guess thats not very much. Still, I have probably smoked a pound to the head.
  12. Been having fun for about 13 years.
  13. First, I've only been smoking for a year and a few months. Yeah, I'm still pretty green (heh.. green), but I like to think that I'm a fast learner.

    Secondly: OMG!! I got my cell phone a couple years ago, which means I've had it for longer than I've been tokin'. I've never even thought about life before cell phones and trying to make a hook up without them. Hell, sometimes it's hard enough even WITH a cell phone.
  14. !9 years myself
  15. 13 years and im still smoking but i think my dad has at least 25 or more years under his belt
  16. lmao!!! hollowing out branches for bongs lol!

    i'm 30 and my first time was when i was 14, u could get 3 or 4 j's for 5 bucks lol good ol days.
  17. 14 years now.........Peace out.........Sid
  18. i think he's 45
  19. damn zonedude, you look YOUNG in that picture you showed us...

    i thought you were maybe a few years over 25... somwhere around 30?

    but i guess SO far, your the toking king?

    well critter never said how long yet... and im sure theres some other oldoes out there...
  20. 9 years for me... Can't wait to celebrate the double digits next year!! Sensi--- Can I buy that rolling paper off ya that you were flashing in the Cheech and Chong thread? :)

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