who's still up?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazeLE, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. the internet sucks at this hour... its 5:03 for me. if i were to be sleeping i would've had to wake up at 8... i usually wake up around 11-2ish. and with no weed i couldnt go to sleep early. well right now im half way through my second pot of coffee in 2 hours. gotta take someone to the hospital at 8:30. so yeah anyone up to converse with?
  2. Im still up gonna play some team fortress 2 and get fucked up! well reverse the order and you know what I mean

  3. on pc? hit me up. i was just playing some counter strike and was getting bored lol. i dont have a mic right now though.

    steam id: BLAZE.LMTD.EDTN
  4. I be chillin. Don't got fuck all to do tomorrow but smoke weed and party.
  5. i got the mike but i dont know how to make it work, ok i got steam up let me try to send a message i never have
  6. im still up. been trying to get my hours back to normal. i was up for like 24 hours and fell asleep around 7pm, and woke back up at like 11. but i couldnt and wouldnt go back to sleep, now its almost 5 and idk what to do
  7. im up and got munchies watching south park :smoke:
  8. man i wish i was that fortunate to have an awesome time still being up. btw how is NZ on cannabis? ive wanted to live there for a while. very similar terrain to japan but with english instead of japanese lol.
  9. theres heaps of good weed here we have one of the highest rates per person of cannabis smoking . its easy to find but its still ilegal . and the country is nice especially the south island .
  10. shit I wish it was easy here my dude said there wont be anymore for about 6 weeks
  11. 6weeks! fuck that :(
  12. yep, welcome to a little town in the middle of nowhere, in Austin, Tx if i went a day that was forever, I shit a brick when I called him tonight and he was like I wont have anything for 6 freaking weeks...

  13. time to find another connect... easiest way is to hit up the stoners from high school lol. took me 5 minutes to find a connect that way. it helps if you were friends with them. its also good to meet up with old friends. sent him a message and 2 hours later i was chillen at his house smoking a bowl talking about how neither of us have done anything with our lives lol.
  14. LOL this dudes daughter is the one that sells it and shes a senior at the high school, this town is maybe 500 people when its dry your just fucked till someone makes a run to California...

  15. damn time for a road trip lol. hey man you got counter strike source? im much better at that lol.
  16. Yea friends work but I grew up 2k miles away from here in Austin so the only people I have met here so far dont smoke, well one does and he says the towns dry and he would tell me if it wasn't I always hook him up when I have some. so yea Im hoping its not really 6 weeks cause thats way to long lol
  17. i got call of duty black ops but i suck at it
  18. Dude can't you find a connect in a bigger town. If it was me I would be willing to drive like 6 hours before I waited 6 weeks lol.
  19. im trying to hang onto my buzz it may be the last for 6 weeks lol
  20. well i can try Reno but I dont even know where I would look, been there twice to go to the mall.

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