Who's staying in? :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Virtue 7, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Happy New Year, Grasscity! It's been a good one! Really :D

    About to snuggle up, order a pizza, and watch movies. Don't feel like being crazy tonight.. Anyone else?
  2. I just got back from Peru, and moved to a new city...so yep, I'm staying in.

    Probably just play some video games until I pass out
  3. I'm doing the same minus the pizza haha
  4. Bout force my neighbors door down and fuxm her ass for new years!
  5. Bout to go over to my cousins. Him and his gf live together. She's 22 and he's 21. They do absolutely nothing. Its about to be a super boring night. At least I got some fire.
  6. Niiiice. What video games?
  7. Add me halo 4

    Asssault rifle

  8. Far Cry 3 isn't packed away, so probably that :D
  9. Yeah im staying in, I haven't done anything for NYE in like 4 years, it's always not as fun as it sounds, I usually stay in anyways. Watching some Lie to Me and playing some Halo 4 and puffing on some good bud and dank ass kief.
  10. Dope. I'm going to be on COD BO2
  11. [quote name='"Virtue 7"']Dope. I'm going to be on COD BO2[/quote]

    Not a battlefield guy? My little brother loves cod. I never really got back into it after MW2.

  12. Damn I'd be down for some Halo 4 if I had an Internet connection in this place yet :(

  13. ahh man that is a bummer I know it's coming and all but I thought about it and that is the top thing when I look for a house or another apartment. If I can't get high speed internet there I won't move there. My work has a little factor in that also.
  14. Smoking joints, playing Fifa13, drinkin beer, eating chinese food.

    All in the comfort of my own home.
  15. AC3, Skyrim, beer, and weed of course. Happy new years to me.
  16. haha you guys make me feel better about chilling at home. I have lots of blessings in my life.. It's just a new year.. Another day.. Also, I got really tired of bringing in the new year with a hang over
  17. I'll be in as well, chillin like a villain.
    Trying to get my post count to 2k before 2013
  18. OMG I forgot to get food for myself tonight.. now I have some decisions and I might have to actually go outside.. its -3 out and that is not counting the wind.
  19. I just got my pizza!
  20. Where did you order it from? And pics or it didn't happen.

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