whos rolling for halloween

Discussion in 'General' started by chief420, Oct 14, 2003.


r you rolling for halloween

  1. hell yes, who wouldnt

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  2. it has crossed my mind

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  3. not hor halloween

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  4. rolls are the devil

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  1. i know i am, not something i do alot, but on special occasions yes...im taking like 5 pills as the day goes on, i might even go trick or treating for like half an hour to blow my mind for the rest of the day...
  2. If you don't do it often why would you need FIVE pills???
  3. because. that's h4rDc0R3!. :rolleyes:

  4. because when i feel that one is waring off, i pop another one, its not a very uncommon thing to do, im starting rite after my wake-n-bake, its gonna be a good day...
  5. If I can get the money I'm gonna shroom...but I'll probably just end up smoking...I'm going to a party that my boyfriend's band is throwing, and they all smoke weed all the time...so I know I'm at least getting high, and I can get drunk if I want to...but I probably won't.
  6. hay, yer gunna be a mom now, gotta be careful, i dont really know the effects of shrooms n alcohol on the baby be stay safe!
  7. shroom season is about to end and my frindes are harvesting a whole bunch of caps so they can sell them for the winter, FOR LOTS AND LOTS of $$. Pretty good idea, people get desperate for a little trip ya know.
  8. man the 30th is gonna be awsome, I just know that many THC's will enter my body.

  9. No, I'm not.

    Thanks, THC.
  10. Fuck that. That shit is the devil. Of course it may be fun but NOO!! Its just temporary and it fucks up your brain really bad. no no no!!!!!!! Never worth it!
  11. i guess theres not alot of pookie heds in here thats cool.. it is fun to do every now and then though, another bomb thread by eric, sorry guys ill have a good one someday
  12. i feel for your seratonin levels there chief.

    eat plenty bananas!

    i might drop a few pills again some day for a special occasion. but my eckto honeymoon is well over.

    i dont want a numb cranium.
  13. ya, sorry bout the last post.. now im just tryin to get all the loose ends tied up.. SO SORRY hempress!
  14. nah cant afford rolls, so i'm gettin some acid instead. haha finally got a reliable hookup on the shit so i wanna go walk around freakin out about how many fucked up lookin lil kids r around me. hehe
  15. U no i be rollin for haloween
  16. Ya acid would probably be insane...But I dont do that shit so im just eatin a bunch of shrooms. Ya, costumes and all those decorations will be trippy as hell. Fuck, halloweens gonna rule.
  17. i'm going to be rolling.... lots of joints :D
  18. I'm gonna be rolling down to the store to get some alcohol. I'm starting to get tired of drinking, but I really don't have much else to do.
  19. inferior; i know you can't smoke weed, have you ever done or considered doing any other drugs?

    since your getting tired of drinking.

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