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whos ready!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 70s, May 30, 2009.

  1. for this nice week of sun!:hello:
  2. frickin lucky,

    my children havnt gotten any good sun the last 3 days here. its been all gloomy.

    not good normal san diego grow weather :(
  3. yeah that is odd for SUN diego. well i just checked the weather and it says a good 4 days of sun and than some more rain:( im really happy for the sun but im hopin that rain changes to sun so they can have straight sun for a good period of time.
  4. yea. one of my daughters is flowering now.

    your grow is looking really good.
  5. :hello::smoke:im excited, my babies been in rain and 50 degree temps for the last 3 days
  6. I am! It is 0718, and I am outside on my deck, lounging on the patio swing, listening to the birds, drinking some coffee, smoking my icey bong, and cruising the internet on my laptop....Did I mention I am wearing shorts and a tank top?!?!? Damn it is beautiful outside!
  7. From now on until September it will be nothing but sun !!!!!!!

  8. thats good good growing times.

    its normally like this in san diego, but i wake up today, and its frickin raining. ugghh. 4 days not of this crap.
  9. partly cloudy right now but the sun is sure peaking through:hello: my babies are probably loving this weather right now. ill probably check on their progress tomorrow.
  10. I am. Since like Wednesday it has been nothing but clouds and rain. Today, it's beautiful and it's supposed to stay that way through midweek. :D

  11. here only sun sun sun really hot sun till september
  12. I cant eait to see my plants burst with life =]

  13. its the best

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