Who's ready for Christmas

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big.stu, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. as the title says are you ready for Christmas like as in shopping all done. And what about your Christmas stash how's it looking
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    Yeah man 2019 is gonna be a hell of a year,,,come invade us 1-10 January its all public holiday here but wait
    we all will be in Spain or Crete ...lol toke toke
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  3. This whole part of the year can go fuck itself.
    Everything is done...but it's just a fucking hassle.
    I'd rather be on my own.
  4. Yep my twin Sister drive me out to get the last of our shopping done a few days ago. I am all finish with it...got the Kids an Husband a lot of good gifts an also my other family too. My husband going to take us to look at the Pretty Christmas lights on Christmas Eve as well. We do the Santa Claus ting around here for the kids still too so it should be good to see how happy they are on Christmas morning. Then we going to have a great meal as well.

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  5. I don't celebrate the holidays but I do love this time of year..all my Pandora plays is Christmas music and I love taking in all the Xmas lights decorations people put up. Such a fun experience
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  6. so far I've got 14 emails and texts wishing us a good Christmas on the January the 7th but no Cards
    sign of the times and yeah they are expensive too these days,
    but wait I hear our junior school is selling the cards as a fund raiser
    made by the kids too ..but really they cost more to send than buy

    sign of the times!
  7. Yeah we need cops and nurses at work maybe you missed an oppotunity?
  8. I want it to be over. It's not like it was when I was a kid. Everyone is dead or doing bad.
  9. I am.....

    Not ready for Christmas. I still have shopping to do and haven't decorated. :eek: :laughing:

    My stash is all set though. :bongin:
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  10. I'm ready for Christmas, thanks to the wife and grateful for all my blessings. Merry Christmas to everyone here.
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  11. Gotta get gifts for the fam still.

    Don't forget to treat yourselves too!!
  12. Another year gone, another decade for that matter... Ugh. This decade was peppered with shit good and bad. I am glad it is almost over with and hope things look up from here on out.
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  13. I need to start my shopping... tommorow LoL. Master procrastinator.
  14. To be honest it don't feel like Christmas this year. Family dog passed away recently so instead of putting up the Christmas tree the family put the presents under the houseplant. I added Christmas lights to it, so Christmas tree or not you gotta have that Christmas spirit.
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  15. That sucks cowboy not lookin forward to my dog kickin the bucket I’ll prob use all my PTO or vacation time up.
    My wife took care of everything even spent 3 days wrapping all the presents. She amazing I know. What sucks is I gotta be the one that stands n line at the post office tomorrow with 10-15 boxes.
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  16. Merry Christmas.
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  17. Don't worry, I don't do that whole consumer end of Christmas. Im not about to empty my bank account and put all my hard earned cash into some billionaires bank account during a holiday meant for appreciating family and what you have
  18. Merry fuck buh hum bug.

    Not feeling it, and other then my dad I've done my Christmas shopping.

    Got my brother a crock pot

    And myself a 1/4 of hash for feburary

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