Who's pumped for more South Park tonight??!?

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by coehsp, May 4, 2011.

  1. i ammmmm....

    fuck me mom, right here in best buy fuck me. fuck me.

  2. haha south park is so clownin ill be watching it tonight as well :D
  3. nice man..wont be able to smoke tho. had to stop for a day or so (swab test)
  4. shit i forgot about SP tonite...tonite is gonna be awesome

    bruins vs flyers then a half hour break to smoke blunt, then south park then workaholics, fuck yes
  5. It was kinda disiponting other than the Tyler perry part
  6. lol yeah the end was hilarious, putting tyler perry in there instead of the robot, fucking great
  7. this season is just as off the wall as last season last nights episode was great but last weeks icentipad was awesome, last night was a great tv night sharks scraped the red wings, then south parks....hopefully next weeks episode is great too
  8. I didn't really like last nights episode that much I found my self feeling a little AwKwArD! I like the Tyler perry thing that was funny cuz I hate Tyler perry hellurrrr I think last weeks was much better hopefully next weeks is better
  9. Last nights episode was bad, I only really watched the first 12 minutes. Thank God Workaholics came on afterwards!
  10. honestly that episode sucked donkey cock sorry it did

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