Whos more tolerable after toking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pirateshipps, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Do any of you notice that some people you jus cant stand when you are sober are much more pleasant to be around when you're toking? My ***** has this younger brother that i fuckin hate cuz he is a wannabe gangster and talks hella smack but is such a pussy. the only time i can stand him is when im smoking with him...lol
  2. my little sister. we only get along when we blaze together haha. luckily she just bought a $300 bong. so i'd say right now we get along nicely
  3. I am! I fucking annoy myself with my thoughts when I'm not high.
  4. My old gf's little brother. Scrawny little wigger kid who steals weed. I can't stand being in the same room as him sober, but high I can at least tolerate that he's breathing my air.
  5. I can put up with anyone when im high except for people thinking they are being funny trying to trip me out.

  6. Perhaps you should mentor said wayward younger brother. :cool:

    Take that ball of clay and mold it into something worthwhile. :smoke:

  7. OMG YES! When people start flailing their hands in my face because they think its tripping me out.. It's not..
    Thank god for the handy dandy backhand.
  8. I've been on a T break for the past few months (trying to find a new job), and I have noticed that people annoy me alot more now. Some people that were funny before, annoy the piss out of me now. I cant deal with whiny customers at work like I used to. One of my buddies told me the other day, "Man you were a better person when you smoked weed". All I could do was laugh and agree
  9. I don't hang about with people I need to be stoned to tolerate.

  10. Very true. But sometimes you dont have a choice :confused:
  11. High school kids.

    My one friend acts like he'll fight people joking around but would not throw a punch. I hate it so much how people talk shit yet are pussies..grr:mad:
  12. With me it's actually the opposite. I analyze people's behaviors more when I've toked and they just make me angry. Although when I used to work in customer service it made me much more passive toward all the angry people I dealt with.
  13. I hate it when your out and about and your nice and high and you mention that to a person that doesn't smoke or isn't high and they stare at you or they think for some stupid reason that you're not capable of carying a normal conversation since i'm high - so they don't even try. WTF!
  14. Some people are just total moodkillers when i'm high so I do my best to avoid them.But when I don't have a choice I just try to zone out and nod when they're talking to me so they think i'm paying attention.

  15. Why would you ever say to someone I'm totally high, especially if they don't toke?
    Just enjoy the buzz, partake in the conversation and they may never know. :smoke:
  16. ^^^ YES!! That and when youre arguing with someone who doesnt smoke and theyre like "Youre stoned right now you dont even know whats going on" like as if as soon as I take a hit all my knowledge and judgement is thrown to the wind. Ignorant fucks.
  17. ^on the real. it makes shit so much awesomer. i like to see who knows me well enough to catch on.

    when i'm high im like 13515 percent more nice and bubbly,
    when i'm sober i'm like your high school principle if he told jokes all the time and said fuck, alot.
  18. Me. I didn't notice it before I started smoking regularly but now I've noticed when I'm sober I'm kind of a jerk. Mostly notice it on this site haha. I come on here, talk shit, go smoke, and come back like, "why the hell did I write that." LOL.

  19. Dam i wish i had cool siblings to blaze with, i think my younger brother would be so much more cool if he was high

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