whos more hypocritical?

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  1. i was making myself some scrambled eggs and thought of this
  2. why is being "pro choice" and a vegan being hypocritical??

    are you suggesting that just because someone only eats pulses and vegetables that they can't agree with abortion?

    your thread makes no sense whatsoever
  3. pro-choice vegans are not hypocritical at all.
  4. This poll / thread is blank and pointless. You compare two totally different types of people
  5. if you wont eat a chicken egg but will kill a human egg, how is that not hypocritical
  6. how the fuck can you compare the two?

    some people believe that abortion is necessary if the childs quality of life is going to be so poor - or what about people who have abortions because of being raped

    some people are vegan because they dont like the taste of meat - not just because of ethical reasons

    seriously, you're sounding like you should think a bit harder before posting

  7. Pro-choice means you have little respect for human life, and vegan means you seek an absurd preservation of the rights of farm animals.

    How is it not hypocritical to decry the killing of a developing chicken and not a developing human? Most vegans are vegans for ethical reasons, not taste preference. :rolleyes:

    IMO, the most hypocritical are the pro-life, pro-war/death penalty group.
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    you sound like you need to chill ouuuuut.

    i love how you only justify one side and dont touch the other

    see what im sayin, fellas?

    aaronman actually THINKS and doesnt just blindly fight for one side of the other
  9. Yeah, why is everybody acting like this thread is so damn absurd?
  10. First, pro-choice does not mean you have little respect for human life. It means that you believe that a woman should be able to decide whether or not they want to have a baby.

    Second, you're obviously extremely ignorant on how meat is produced in this country. You really shouldn't post on the subject considering your ignorance on the subject. If you'd like some information on factory-farmed meat (which is what 98% of US meat is) go watch Food Inc.

    Third, most vegans would not "decry the killing of a developing chicken." If you knew any rational vegans, then this would be clear.

  11. or just a different definition of life.
  12. [quote name='aaronman']Pro-choice means you have little respect for human life/QUOTE]

    wtf - no it doesn't!

    Pro-choice means you believe that people have the right to terminate or not terminate

    it has absolutely nothing to do with having respect for human life

    just because I believe that a person has the choice to terminate or not does not make me disrespectful of humans

    and comparing eating meat or fish to terminating unborn children is a bit of a stretch really
  13. I believe a woman should have that choice, and that is where she decides to have sex or not. I'll even take the radical position of allowing abortions in certain cases.

    But lets not lie to ourselves, the baby is a human life and if you feel the mother has a right to kill her baby then you do not have much respect for human life... maybe you respect neonatal or developed human life more than developing, but you're still indifferent to fetuscide.

    Am I obviously extremely ignorant? So you're saying that vegans will eat organic meat? stfu. :rolleyes:

    It was an embellishment of their absurd defense of animals, obviously they wouldn't phrase it like that. But do you know any vegans that would eat eggs from a chicken in their back yard? Why not?
  14. What is it that you're terminating again? Oh yea... a human life.

    Just because that life form can't yet defend itself doesn't mean it shouldn't be considered human. You are most certainly disrespectful of human life if you support abortions, to a certain extent. Just as you are disrespectful of human life if you support war, or if you support economic sanctions.
  15. talk about "flip-flopping" in one sentence

    what is it - "most certainly" or "to a certain extent"?

    ffs - aaronman you bring war into this as well - completely irrelevant like most of your posts

    comparing eating meat and fish to killing unborn children is pathetic in my opinion

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    Have you ever met a vegan who actually became a vegan because of the animals and the way they're treated? Most will eat meat if they know the animal was treated with respect, not fed drugs, and did not die in its own feces.

    By being vegan, you are protesting the factory-farming of meat that is going on right now. Organic meat really isn't that safe either. There's no way to know for sure whether the animal was really treated with respect.

    If you had ever been to a slaughterhouse or understood anything about the meat industry, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

    Edit: I also forgot to mention the environmental effects of eating meat. A person can have a greater positive effect on the environment by not consuming any meat than they can by not driving their car. Watch Food Inc., then you can talk.
  17. were talkin about eggs here. human eggs. chicken eggs. killing one and not the other is hypocritical. personally im cool with killing either.
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    What? I've read Fast Food Nation & The Jungle, I think I have a pretty good idea of what your movie talks about. I'm not arguing against being vegan, this thread is about hypocricy of beliefs.

    Talk about irrelevant, you're attacking my grammar? Anyways, I think the two statements are mutually exclusive... I didn't want to be absolute in my condemnation of your beliefs. There are circumstances where you could be considered less disrespectful of human rights in the case of emergency medical abortions, but you are still choosing one life over another.

    I brought war into it because I know you're a hardcore Zionist. If you don't see the indecency of war how could you see the indececy of abortion, or eugenics?

    Later, man. :rolleyes:
  19. you know nothing - as I said in our private conversation

    I believe that Israelis and non-Israelis, Jews and non-Jews should be able to live in peace together in any part of the world - so you can take your "hardcore/radical" schtick and poke it

    but trust you to bring that into a conversation about pro choice vegans being hypocritical
  20. Neither one of those is as hypocritical as an overweight liberal.

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