Who's looking forward to payday

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  1. Thursday is mine, and i am not trying to be an ass, i just hit up a lot of OT the past two weeks so i am just excited.

    I think after the bills and shit is in the clear i ll still have enough to get that bong downstairs and the OZ of Purps i ve been talking to my boy about. (i live in an apartment with one of those convenient stores with the bootleg dvds and Bongs, underneath me. that's pretty much all they sell).
    I got Friday off and just plan to get lifted outta my shit the whole day.

    Again not talking shit just really excited for the payday, who else is hitting up a big stash after the business gets handled and just relaxing after a long week at work.
  2. i hurt my back driving rig, and have been off work for the past month no pay but im starting back up in 2 weeks and i cant wait till my first pay day buddy im going to go down to the lc get acouple of drinks for the guy in the chair and roll a huge blunt...:hello:
  3. im straight up on E and got about 35 cents. so glad i get paid tomm, even though its 23hrs of min wage....
  4. I'm looking forward to getting my first job in two years.
  5. I've worked over 70 hours each of the last 6 weeks.

    I've been having some nice paydays.

    Starting monday I'll be salary-ified, (for 25% more than my average bring-home), insured, (so I can go get good meds), and capped at 50 hours a week.

    I also spend 80% of my time at work sitting at the bar.

    Life is good.
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  6. Lucky son of a bitch. Live right above a pretty much headshop.
  7. i live above a brothel. muahahaha.
  8. HAHAH i know right, before it was like a pizza palor but it got shut down for like a year, then one day i was walking by and it said come in were open from the hallway, so i opend the door and it was like AHHHHH.
  9. What do they sell? Any nice glass? Or just the typical bullshit, like grinders and acrylic bongs?
  10. Well its kinda hit and miss, they do get the good shit but like 60 percent of the people who make up my apartment are stoners, so the dude makes bank, the bongs he sells are legit, glass on glass and what not, i am not to keen on bongs but they are clear and look amazing. He also got blunts and differnt kinds of papers, like in display and its neatly labled so you get excatly what you want. He sells those 3 buck pipes with the extra screens (bullshit) but he also got like spoons and cool dragon head types, Its like a mini-me of a regular head shop.
  11. Honestly I'm lucky enough that I tend not to notice when the paydays are. I'm some strange outlier in this economy with a combination of not spending much money, and having a fairly well paying job. Part of the trick is starting to save a lot, early. That way you always get used to living on much less money than you actually have.

    With that, though, I remember when I didn't make enough to do any saving, and paydays were awesome. Paydays meant we could afford a bit of restaurant food!
  12. That's fucking awesome. I want to open a head shop someday. I'll be sure to check the store front apartments first.:D
  13. every day is payday :devious:
  14. well i try to put hardly any money in my checking and most of it in my savings. so i still get excited for payday to have some money added to my checking. seeing my numbers rise in savings doesnt hurt either.:hello:
  15. I don't have paydays, anymore. I just get money on the weekends from my store, but I am excited to be able to afford some Jane next week. I might even pick up a bag of Serenity Now, my headshop has a deal going on through the month of May on Serenity.
  16. I am ! :hello:

    I put in so many hours last week(38?), I'm gonna get a fat-ass check. lol. All of it will just go to the bank, since I'm saving up for a car.
  17. I get paid tomororw, Thursdays Bi-Weekly. I should be picking up about a 400$ pay check, i currently got 60$ cash and about 210$ in my bank account. Its going to be hard to stockpile money though since I pay close to 300$ a month for rent, i got a 300$ car insurance bill coming up in July, and I smoke and drink way too much. But I can do everything I want while still saving up little by little
  18. Pay day is everyday for me. The weekends are where I make bank.

    Tips are a life saver...
  19. I dont get paid until next week (got paid last week) but its all good b/c I have alot of money after I put my usual amount into savings. Ever since I got a job ive been spending more and more on pot. I love it
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    That would be Friday & Monday for me.:devious:
    I'm looking forward. Payday is always nice after the dreaded 'broke week'
    Pick up 10 g's of the ganj. Maybe some hash, if my boy gets it back in again.:smoking:

    Maybe some new bass strings too. My thunderbird needs it, lol
    Happy Paydays to all the GC Blades!!!:wave:

    edit : it'll also, be nice, cause I have an extra day on this one, since I worked on Mother's Day, so a little extra $$ is something I can't complain about :)

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