Who's joining me for some bowl action? and how was your day?

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. My day has been pretty good i went into brooklyn for the rumblers car club carshow type thing. I'm into that stuff cause im working on a 63 cadallic right now lowered with airbags. then i went over to utopia (clothing store/headshop) Didn't pickup any pieces but did pickup some bomb incense.

    so im about to toke some bowls Whos coming?
  2. I'll toke up with ya

    I worked from 9-3 today, now I'm waiting for my buddy to get out of work, we're going to see Superbad
  3. superbad owns!!

    chicka chicka yeahhhh!!!!!

    lol but im not doign shit dry till monday no cigs no weed jus relaxin :p
  4. well, i am stuck with no cash, as my bank is out of state and i cant cash any checks at my other branch cause its closed, but fuck it, i may hit up this kid i blazed with last night, maybe buy a g or somethin off him, but i got some middies im chillin on.

    i also fixed my car that broke 7 times on the way up from my homestate, and i managed to not be hung over from the party i went to last night and the night before.

    todays admn good, im a happy man today, for sure gonna blaze it up later. maybe take some vicodins smoke a few bowls and veg the fuck out in frong of a movie. if i had smoe mushrooms, id eat those bitches and walk around campus.
  5. I helped a woman move out of her apartment and into a new one. It kinda sucks because I worked VERY hard for about 6 hours and only got paid $20, but its alright because I like doing nice stuff for people. Also, on superbad... A friend and I saw it tripping on acid and it was HILAROUS. Really, very funny movie.
  6. I just relaxed today, girlfriend is sick so she's passed out and i'm just toking up and watching how high, eating cookies. GET HIM! hahaha
    So i'm down for some more bowl action.
  7. actullay just waiting for my guy to call lol, had some carls Jr.....relaxing day
  8. im givin a +rep for that cause i know i would never do something like that. its ggod to know we got nice people out there.

    as for my day im outa bud my cigs are at my house (at the padres) and i cant smoke weed for another maybe 20 hrs pray for me
  9. i had a dope day. took my lady to the santa monica pier and then to the venice beach boardwalk. it was our 2 yr anniv, and i felt like going out. also visited the aquarium by the pier. but i saw alot tree percs, i mean alot! def guna go back and get a sick bong. now im just packing some bowls out of my tube, southpark is on. good to hear about SnT too
  10. man i ripped a roor bowl in my room and walked outside and sat out in the front of my b building. i proceeded to talk to many girls, get a bug hookup and i saw 3 guys get pulled over apparantly for either drugs or alcohol because their car got searched and they are in trouble fo sho. crazy shit, im high as hell. gonna go watch them from my window he eh
  11. damn dude, for the first time in a while i had a good night, nothing spectacular but finally had a good one, i was due for one:

    Bought a 6 pack, watched a old friend of mine open up for the astros( major leauge debut ), killed that six pack between be and a friend. had to move around, so i left, i just had this feeling like i should leave.

    So i left, then i get to meet up with this chick that's moving away from me for a while. and i meet up with a ollldd friend from a math class of mine, get smoked out with a blunt of dannnkneesss in a jacuzzi, with all kinds of chicks around, it was fucking amazing. all about my age too, that NEVER happens. tonite it did.

    I didn't even talk to girl i was supposed to meet up with, but she went to sleep kinda early, so i left, smoked a fat J at another friends house on the way home, and headed home.

    Ahhhh, i was due for one of those nights again, lol.
    good times.
  12. :yay:wake and bake:smoke:, toke all day:bongin:, ex came by and gave me a lil':D........all in all, pretty good day!:cool:
  13. chilled all day... blazed at manresa beach, (santa cruz) watched a killer sunset while smokin a nice swisher of some all organic jack herer that was killer... then went home and got hella drunk... chillin rippin bowls of that Jack outta my LUX perc. jammin to that new kottonmouth kings cloud 9 cd that hasnt come out yet :bongin:

    PS cowboy where u at in the NOR*CAL?
  14. well my day had its ups and downs...the ups, i bought a qp of lemon-lime headies (which i am currently smoking)...and the downs...yesterday i did payote and that was so much fun i tripped reallly hard for like a solid 15 hours, but when i woke up todayi vision was all blury i couldnt see any thing at all...that sucked..i was pissed though, cuz when i went to pick up the qp i couldnt focus on the nugs:mad:

  15. atleast u have a qp... it could be worse:smoke:
  16. I just got my paycheck yesterday so earlier today I went and picked up an ounce of some bomb AK-47 (my favorite strain easily) and drove to the headshop and picked up some nice novelty pipes and a Molino bong for 160$ that is the exact same as this one here
    but mine has a darker ashcatcher. It's probably the nicest hitting bong I've ever used. Molino is definitely my favorite glass company. I just loaded it up and am taking some fat ass hits right now gettin her broken in. Fuckin great day.
  17. Bowl action take 2 i'm :smoking:
  18. haha good idea. im gunna go get retarded again myself, just woke up after that chill nite, felt a little weird cuz i was drinking all night and lately i haven't been drinking much. time to get sttonneed...

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