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Who's in the wrong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The Evil Thing, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. yesterday I went to a local headshop with the idea in mind of purchasing another cheap 20$ mini bong because my latest one broke. Again. (Shocking, I know. You would think for 20$ it would be indestructible.) I ended up walking out with a 120$ triple blown blue bong with one interesting perc and an ice catcher. Along with that came a free 70$ ash catcher. Went home, came to discover I needed glass screens(I hate nug plugging). Went in today, different guy behind the counter, got 4 screens for a little over 2$. I ended up walking out without the screens in my hand. Now, I'm a forgetful idiot. This is not the first time I've done something like this. It IS however the first time a headshop has told me that i would have to repurchase them. I called the headshop when I realized, but the guy says that he does not have them, and that I would have to repurchase them. I know I don't have them, and I don't think I lost them during the 10 minute drive back home. So I'm pretty sure the guy is lying. But it is also my fault for leaving them in the first place. I need those screens but I basically refuse to pay for them again. Who's in the wrong, me for forgetting them or the shop for lying about it and requiring me to buy them again?

    TL;DR: bought screens. Didn't leave with screens. Shop won't let me get them, and requires me to purchase them again. Who is wrong?
  2. Lmao I'd be talkin to the store owner... at the very least if they have a camera in the store they can verify if you did in fact leave them there... granted the owner is cool... it's a hit or more some headshops are more corporate some are ran by locals who are more forgiving and friendly.

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  3. That's granted you want to take it that far lol but if you called when you got home 10 minutes later and they said that shit I wouldn't be happy...

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  4. Unfortunately it's your fault. And lol @ you know he's lying, I gaurentee he is not, why would an employee lie over $2 worth of merchandise? You think he pocketed the screens or something? It's their business to make customers satisfied, that's how they make money and that employee retains their job.

    And you are a cheap ass if you refuse to just spend 2 Fucking dollars again, but I guess that was obvious by the fact you have boughten/wanted to buy a $20 bong...It's 2 dollars man, are you under 18 or homeless?
  5. People are always trying to scam businesses. You can't just call them up and say you bought something but left it there. They don't know who's calling. To them, you could be trying to get something for free. When I worked fast food, people would call on the daily trying to pull shit.

    Did you have the receipt? Did you return to the shop and explain you just bought a $120 bong, and left the screens on the counter by mistake? There's probably nothing you can do. It was an honest mistake on your part. There's not enough info to say if the business knew about it and scammed you.
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  6. It's not about the money. It's about the principle. I refuse to pay the 2$ again for that particular establishment because they lied the first time. I didn't walk out with them, and I certainly didn't lose them in my cupholder.

    The under 18/homeless quip is just stupid. Having a car and shopping at a headshop to Begin with cancel both of those out.
  7. i will probably go back either way later tonight or a different day, try to get the guy that actually sold me the bong. Try to work something out, Not hopeful though. Just mad because now I STILL can't use this bong without nug stuffing. Was looking forward to it all day then this shit happens :cool:
  8. The fact is, you don't know if you left them or not. You know you don't have them. That's all.

    Businesses are not going to steal $2 for you from no reason, you are probably paranoid or a minor.

    And why is the title, "Who is in the wrong?" when clearly you think they stole your $2 lol...

    Why not title the thread, "What to do about a headship stealing $2 worth of glass screens?"

    By refusing to pay a measly $2 you now cannot smoke, based on your post saying the screens are needed. Is that worth $2?
  9. The fact that it is 2$ makes it that much worse, in my eyes.
  10. So if it was $200, that would not be as bad as $2, "in your eyes"?
  11. Did I say this was about how to get my screens without paying? No. I asked who was In the wrong, and nothing past that.
  12. 200$ I would be demanding video footage and potentially Calling the police if I got the same story. The fact that it is 2$ and they can't work with me to try to figure something out bugs me.
  13. And then went on to say that they kept them intentionally (basically stealing), and that you refuse to buy new ones because of that.

    Its pretty obvious you think they are in the wrong. So you just want some sympathy then huh? Not an actual response.
  14. Sigh. No.

    Yes, I think they are in the wrong. But I am not so full of myself to completely glaze over my errors as well. I made the initial mistake of leaving them. They say they can't do anything for me. The world is bigger than just me and this guy behind the counter, I wanted to know what other people thought. I am always constantly questioning my morality and judgement. I like to know what others think when I don't know what to think myself. If I wanted just sympathy I would have countered what you said about it being my fault. But I didn't. I countered what you said about me being cheap and a minor.
  15. Fair enough. You know my opinion, I'm just one worthless meat bag in a few billion tho
  16. As are we all, but we are all that we have, for now.
  17. How busy is the smoke shop? I know some are really busy but some are small and just have a customer every once in a while... if it was a smaller shop then I mean it seems they would be a bit more forgiving... but a large shop I could see how they could be picky

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  18. Tiny. Minimal business, only ever 1 guy on payroll at a time.
  19. Went back today to pick up more and now instead of 4 for 2$ it was 1 for 2$? Strange. Talked to guy behind the counter(he sold me the bong) and he just said he didn't know what to tell me.
  20. You're in the wrong man. If you buy beer and leave it on the roof of your car and didn't know what the fuck you are doing as you drive home you can't expect them to give you free beer. Keep your wits about you!

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