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  1. I'm a drummer in a rock/physcedelic band. i was wondering who else plays live shows?
  2. I used to be in a band. They were too caught up in playing covers and I simply got bored. My songs were alwasys too complicated too. Now I record music with the help of drum samples!

    I want to start one within the next year though.
  3. im the bassist for a band, we dont have a name cuz the other members cant decide and i dont give a shit.
  4. lol, I always wanted to be in a band....maybe one day when I can really play my guitar well I'll attempt to form one.
  5. One man 'band'.

    Write my own lyrics, Make my own beats, Do all my own vocals.
  6. I'm not really in a "band" but I am a professional musician. I have a few small Jazz combos that I gig with mostly, but I like to mix it up and call different people for different gigs.
  7. I used to be in a rock band in high school... we played shows all around the state and recorded a pretty decent 5-song CD. But we all kind of went our separate ways. I still play guitar so it would be nice to start playing shows again.
  8. I used to be, but I have no idea how to play metal. I just play jazz by myself.
  9. i'm in a few bands, i play solo too.
  10. Played two live shows last week, just put out 1st CD,13originals. I play sax, sing as frontman, write songs, live for it!:smoke::cool:
  11. officially I'm in two bands, Foxchop, a groove-punk/metal/psychedelic power trio that I play drums for, and Two Scorpios, a much heavier, faster, aggresive metal band. The latter is a duo of myself on drums and my friend bustin' crazy metal licks on the guitar. Both of them are almost exclusively instrumental.

    playing with a band or with anyone makes you progress so fast at your instrument and it's so much fun when you're jamming out a new song or just jammin' to re-write an old one and you feel the energy exactly like your partners and you experience that personal wavelength between musicians that is on a scale of its own.

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