who's homepage is grasscity?

Discussion in 'General' started by keepitUnreal, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. I got tired of google...who else changed their homepage to here?
  2. The City is my homepage on my both my home pc's. Lol, I wish it was on my work pc. :D
  3. I have it on my toolbar. That's cool enough for me.

    Hey Indy...do you actually get any work done at work?
  4. It's my home page...has been for nearly a year. Not the actual www.grasscity.com , but the forum URL. :D

  5. Believe it or not, the answer is yes. I've got 3 pc's on my desk at work. One is dedicated to the City. :) I keep the active threads open on the pc and refresh them every few mintues.

    Most of my work pertains to administrating our network and databases, I've got a couple techs under me that do most of the user support. I'm pretty much my own boss as long as all our systems are running 100%, otherwise everyone is on my ass.

    Basically when everything is going smooth (not to brag, but I purchased, installed, and configured every piece of hardware in here so I know how it's all set up and where to look when something is not running smoothly) I find myself with not much to do.

    It wasn't always that way though before ya'll start to get pissed about my cushy job. I've slept in the office plenty of nights, gotten up at countless wee hours of the am to rush in and fix something before the users made it in. Lost countless vacation days by getting called while away. Hell, I've even gone so far as to stay in here for 27 hours straight, way back when I was first setting all this up. I've put in my time at various mindless tech support jobs, and have had to deal with just about any type of computer question you could come up with. I'm pretty much as high up as I can get here, for my field.

    My job is a blessing for me. I love what I do and I'm really good at it. The combination the two makes is amazing.

    Edit: I had to edit this damn post 4 times for spelling! Maybe I'll start working on a City spellchecker, lol. :D
  6. That's cool, Indy! I'm happy for you! :)

    Motherf*cker with his cushy ass job... :mad:

    Just kidding. I'm impressed and genuinely happy that you have a cushy job. LOL! :D
  7. it's not my homepage, but its the first favorites link!
  8. Hidden under "gamecity" in my favourites.....

  9. if youre gonna do something! do it right! :D

    Ive got grasscity staring me in the eyes, makign me feel guilty when im on some other site! number one on the toolbar!


    that would be sweet a spell checker I hate going over my spelling and when I dont know how to spell a word I have to use a dictionary and Im getting pissed at looking at dictionarys.

    But yeah Grasscity is my home page always has been ever since I came here.
  11. cant cos other folk use the pc and they would tsk, but i am getting my own later this year so of course it will be then :)

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