Who's happy to be alive?

Discussion in 'General' started by blueslip, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. idk. who's happy to be alive and stoned a lot of the time and chilling with all the peoples and shit? 10 min to 420 and even though im trippin off shrooms i still want a blunt right now. GG GC
  2. I hear you man.. just got back from partying a bit with some folks. Hit a bowl just now a couple more times jammin bob marley .. for sure peace man..
  3. Ironically, with a felony case on my hands, not being enrolled in any kinda of school, having not been laid since Jan 1, 2007, and living in a shitty apartment, I'm pretty damn content.

    because here's the thing.

    If this case fucking sucks, I'm in jail for 3 years (worst case scenario)

    3 years is a raindrop in the ocean of life, I'll move on.

    So I'm not in school, but I'm working full time, so I'm not a complete waste.

    I haven't gotten laid, but hey, at least I haven't had bad sex in a while.

    shitty apartment, lease ends in june, hopefully I'll have some money saved up for a nicer one.

    people always say life isn't fair, but the thing is, life is perfectly fair.
  4. i am extremely thankful to be alive.

  5. i am so happy to be alive. the tequila and coke i'm sipping on might help :p
  6. im in a pretty good mood this morning. I spent the night with that female last night. We laid in bed together all night, smoking bowls and chilling out talking. She is out cold right now, kind of cute when she sleeps
  7. Hell yeah man. Every day is a new adventure. Not knowing what could happen next is what makes life so excitingly good and bad.

    Not one day goes by where I'm not thankful to be alive and live each day like it could be my last. If I died today I'd be happy I was lucky to experience and fulfill my life as much as I could.
  8. Usually haha..

  9. Holy shit, your situation sounds alot like mine, I have a B felony case on my hand, and if i get convicted i will face 10yrs in prison. But on the other hand, my life has lost a lot of meaning in the last 6 months. And i am really questioning whether its worth it anymore.
  10. what kind of felonies are you guys getting caught for? shit that would suck.. my friend in high school got caught selling guns to some kids who used the guns for an armed robbery and ended up getting caught.
  11. I wasn't happy to be alive until I met my soul-mate last year.
    Now I have a reason to keep going, someone who understands.
    Although we aren't dating - she's everything and more to me.
  12. Life could easily be better, but I'm happy to be alive. Poking smot, chilling with the crew, the only bills I have to pay right now are car insurance and phone.
  13. Any day on this side of the dirt is a good day
  14. love life ... happy to be alive listening to marley hitting a bong :D nothing better

  15. Im happy to be alive. Id assume being dead doesnt suck all that much either though. There is a lot of cool stuff in the world and Ive only seen .1% of it. Im trying to push that up around 10% before Im ready to lie down and die.
  16. life is good, all is groovy. listen to the 59th street bridge song, pretty much sums stuff up for me. lovn life and everything it offers
  17. Great topic! I'ma' post this from last year because it's just so fitting for this thread.

    We spend so much time in life wasting our life. We spend so much time doing things we don't want to be doing.

    As a living breathing human being we have won the greatest lottery of all, the lottery of life. So many sperm, and me, my little tadpool won.

    Human beings are just animals. We're just a miracle enigma. It just so happens that we have evolved into the peak of life. At this point we are the absolute crescendo of what can happen when life is born.

    Everything is so good.

    Nothing means anything. We'll die and it will end for us but will continue for everything and everyone else.

    That is until, that one in 500 BILLION star that we call the sun burns out. Then we will all die. Hopefully somewhere else out there in this epic universe there are other life forms creating something similar to what we have. Odds are it will be different though. They are probably born out of very different living situations.

    The earth is basically the most beautiful thing we have ever found through exploration of space. It has life all over it. It's a miracle.

    If you think about it, alls we are is animals. Thats all. We are elite animals though. Human Beings are the ultimate and final example of brains over brawn because physically we frail in comparison to basically every other animal on this planet. Even ants, relatively speaking, are far stronger.

    We are just incredibly smart (and yet stupid and ignorant at the same time) organisms inhabiting an earth with other organisms we can eat to survive.
    This game of life we play is only an attempt to create a meaning for our life. We're here right? So might as well do something.

    God's and religions are all creations of the human mind. People are afraid of the Truth, so their mind fools them into believe things are there that are not. The human mind is a powerful thing. By far the most powerful creation in the universe that we know about.

    It is truly a marvel.

    We are so lucky to be alive right now. Living, breathing, EXPERIENCING the ultimate. Why let some other person's narrow minded exploits effect the beauty that is you. The beauty that is me. The beauty that is life?

    Buddha described enlightenment as "Blowing out the Candle" because he was sick of religions referring to their religion in positive terms. This fascinates me, but at the same time I love it. Because it makes so much sense. But nobody seems to understand.

    We are the peak. We are the mountain. We are the Flower of life.
  18. ^^^^+rep

    ahhhhh life is great :)
  19. That was beautiful man! Did you write that? I actually feel a lot better now having read that.


  20. It was after a huge drinking night, I was hung over and just spit that out. Every time I read it makes me smile. and then i chuckle at the fact that I actually wrote it. I think I have more stuff like that in me.. i was just cursed with chronic laziness.

    Thanks for the rep guys.

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