whos gunna be your valentine date then members of this fine forum?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokeallday, Feb 11, 2014.

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    for me: she's mean, she's green, she makes me keen - my love for this special day of the year is, yes you guessed it ladies and gentleman, sweet sweet mary jane!
    gunna blaze a few fat ones and have love for not one girl, but for the universe!

  2. No Valentine here :laughing:

    Well kind of, my ex was supposed to be it but I might have something going on with another chick. Me and the ex aren't doing great as of today so ill probably take this other chick to dinner.
  3. My beautiful bong when it shows up hopefully before Friday but I don't know how long it takes Dhl courier device to deliver from the UK :(

    Who Dat!
  4. My valentine is Mary. I used to be a traditionalist hopeless romantic when it comes to Valentines day, but I kept getting played, so I decided to kill that part of myself. 
  5. is today valentines day??

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  6. Lol, nesw are you really high? Haha

    Valentines day is Friday. :p
  7. Valentines-less another year and running :(
  8. no one by choice. who knows who ill kidnap this year though :confused_2:
  9. lol my first thought
  10. i might be a little high :p

    we don't really celebrate valentines day but ya still gotta say your "happy valentines day baby!" just making sure i didn't forget..lmao

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  11. This will be Valentines #6 for me and my man.
  12. gonna smoke weed and jerk off to some weird shit
  13. Following the trend, I'll also be spending some quality time with the fairest of them all, Mary Jane. 
  14. Some people call it valentines day, I call it Friday.
  15. Ima probably just smoke, but that's only cause I don't have a valentine.......... again..........

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  16. Fuck women, I love myself.
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    I'm gonna drop thirty bucks on some kick ass thai food, been with my girl for over four years. I feel for all you lonely people though :( always hated Valentines day, it's just another day for you to see all the girls you liked getting flowers, chocolates, sex from other dudes while you ask the girl of your dreams out and she scoffs at you.
  18. It's Valentines Day #9 for my husband and I. And he's got to work so we're hoping to get a sitter for the late show on Saturday!
  19. my right hand

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  20. I've been with this girl for too long to do anything for Valentine's Day. We exchanged gifts for it like a month ago lol

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