Who's grounded/on probation?

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    Just wanted to hear some other stories... basically, I was caught about a month ago, in the beginning of May, by my parents. I've been in drug counseling since then, the whole nine yards... kinda sucks ass but oh well, I'm moving out soon as school ends anywho (june 17), as I'm graduating this yr! :p

    Heres a link to my whole story, if you care to read everythingggg:

  2. I live with my mom who doesn't smoke at all, but she is on the NORML mailing list, so basically I can just smoke in my house whenever, unless we're expecting company/holiday/she's in the room.

    Also my dealer lives two blocks away so he delivers, and I only drive around with joints instead of my bowl so i can just eat them if i get pulled over, which negates the whole police factor.

    Sorry to hear about your situation though, at least your almost free!
  3. Im grounded, got caught with a bong and a quarter and my mom took all of it. Sucks, but im still tokin :)
  4. my mom took my orange kush about 2 months ago i was pissed i asked her 2 days ago what she did with it and she said she flushed it then i yelled at her about how expensive it was...(it was just a 20)but still thats money lost
  5. My dad snagged an Oz of Beasters off me,, that was a month ago i'm still pissed about it, and last night was the first time i've been aloud to take my car out for a month.
  6. HIGH All, 18 and getting grounded.
  7. grounded... id laugh in their face the day they tried to tell me what the fuck to do
  8. Lol awww that stinks... yea they took my new glass chameleon, name was Aqua and it was pretty sweet. Cost me like thirty. They didnt find my actual weed tho, so the day after I was caught I rolled some j's and passed them out to my friends. And my fave bowl named Ziggy is now in the safe hands of my boyfriend, who lives in a weed-friendly household :D

    Glad to hear u can still toke tho, my friend Eric was busted the week after me and isnt in a drug-counseling & -testing situation so he's still blazin too. Cant wait to be free tho, just a couple weeks and I'm outttt :hello:

  9. haha yup. Its pretty much a joke, but as long as I'm living w/ them or my grandparents, doing what they say is the only way I'm going to be able to finish HS. And graduate, and go on to college next yr. Which I now have to pay for myself... :eek:
    My parents are so fuckin strange tho. I mean, after all this shit, and even tho I wont even be LIVING with them this summer, my mom still wants to throw me a grad party at my (former) house, and have me go on the family vacation in July. Idk if I can even go tho, I dont want to risk my job (havent told them yet, and idk how I'll be able to take a full week off in addition to all the concerts & stuff ill be oging to this summer) and knowing them, 8 days spent with those fools is gonna suck. I feel badly letting ym friend JJ down tho, she was invited to come also and obv. wont wanna go w/o me.
  10. Awww that sucks dude =[ Did u pay for ur car or did the rents just let u use it?
    My dad took mine, prob wont be gettin it back til early next yr when I need it for college, for now my friend Nikki has a semester left and can drive me. It was my dads car, but he paid it off and got a new one, so gave it to me as a "privilege" to use.
    Now it just sits in the fuckin driveway =P Hope he drives it like a mofo over the summer tho, puts lotsa miles on it so the price goes down for when I look up the value on Edmunds like he told me so I can buy it back :) Altho, insurance will blow, even w/ the good student discount or w/e I'm still paying like $800 a yr, plus another $400 from this asshole lawyer who hit me at an intersection and won the insurance battle w. State Farm. Blehhh... stupid stupidness. Idk lol.
  11. my son's grounded this weekend for not doing his homework and lying about it
  12. You angry old woman......

    I'm kidding of course :p
  13. Oooh thats not good. Lol I remember when my sister used to pull that all the time... I never really did, I was so scared of what teachers do to misbehaving kids lol. I was the most well behaved little kid when I was younger, wonder what happened... oh yea. I realized that most of the "adults" id been listening to didnt know half a crap about what they were talking about. haha
  14. well my mom only found a book that referenced marijuana, called Pot Cultures haha than she searched my room finding nothing cause my weed is hidden somewhere im not ever gonna say so she didnt find it but she grounded me for owning a book like that... pissed me off its just a book!
  15. Hahaaa wow thats terrible. Good thing she didnt find anything, thats lucky :D

    In other news, I just realized I reached 420 posts while on this thread earlier!!! w00t go me! :hello:
  16. I was grounded last year when I lived with my parents, because they found some lighters in my drawer and decided to search my room while I was at school that day. Unfortunately, most of my things were not well hidden and they took:

    2 Spoons
    2 Packs of blunt wraps
    A pack of papers
    My friend's ashcatcher

    Luckily, i had hidden my most important things, which were my bud, my Space Case, and my best spoon. Not the most fun month for me.:eek:
  17. im on probation, wish i was grounded......lol
  18. i would KILL my mom
  19. yeah well when you need her to cosign your apartment you cant really pull a gun/knife/blunt object on her
  20. Haha, dude speaks the truth... I'm on for like 11 more months :mad:

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