who's got a 'stache?

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    so i've had a bushy ass beard for the past two years. and i shaved it last night and now i have this cool ass stache with some gnar chops. idk what the style is called, but it's gnarly. think "guy at the bar poundin' pabst wearin' flannel talking about death metal, and thrash"

    anybody else rock the mustache? anyone have a super gnarly one?
  2. [​IMG]

    You're damn right I do. I groom it every morning right after a glass of Scotch.
  3. you mean to tell me brizzlybear is ron burgandy?!?!?!

    holy shit dude, we NEED to smoke.
  4. Haha I grew one out for a month as a joke last month. My work doesnt allow facial hair except for a mustache, so thats all I grew. It was funny, but my facial hair is always so itchy and annoying, especially in the summer, so I shaved it.
  5. I grew a handlebar 'stache as a joke about a year ago. It took like 3 months to grow in and trim right, since I can't grow facial hair for shit. But eventually it worked out, and I could curl the tips up. That was badass, honestly. That was so much fun, but as it turns out, girls around my way didn't find it sexy, just funny. Which was the plan, but I didnt think it through.
  6. Haha :hello:
  7. is that you? seriously??
  8. My mustache grows weird, so I just have the sideburns and the bottom part of a goatee (chin part) without the mustache that goes about halfway down my chest.
  9. Holy shit Grassboy.
  10. I'm sportin a stache. I'm thinkin about getting rid of it though cuz there's a girl I'm getting closer to and I don't wanna scare her off.

    Do girls like or dislike upper lip hair? Does it scrape against you when you're kissing or is it manageable?
  11. i always got somethin goin on as far as facial hair, which usually constitutes a stache. Its mainly from being lazy/hairy italian/blades cost a shit ton. Right now, i shaved recently, so i got kind of the johnny depp/james franco subtle, kinda parted stache. Chicks dig it
  12. :hello:You have muttonchops too? Haha, great.
  13. Can't grow a stache. Don't even have enough hair density to grow a decent beard :(

    Maybe in a few years.
  14. fuck yea i do. why have a 'stache if you don't get ridiculous.

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