Whos got a sherlock pipe? Post pics

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  1. So Im gonna be getting a sherlock pipe soon, not a bubbler, but the pipe type. Haha how many people love these things? And anyone got pics of theirs? The one Im getting looks sort of like this, but I dont know theres a few more Im looking at.
  2. i love them so much. they just look so kool. deffinetly the next pipe i get
  3. Haha yeah theyre real cool. I needed a piece one day, and my friend let me borrow his and he came out with one of these, and I had to buy one as soon as I saw that.
  4. Hi My Name Is Shirly.

  5. here's a pic of my sherlock. it's some solid glass. doesn't get as much use these days as it used to, but it's a perfect pipe.

    check it

    got it for thirty bucks in venice with that case. talked him down so much haha
  6. i love my sherlock


  7. wow, is that frosted glass?
  8. Wow thats a beauty! ^ +rep
  9. do shelock bubblers count??

  10. yes, yes its
  11. that is a asty piece of glass right there

  12. +rep, how much did that run you if you don't mind? ive never seen a frosted piece and i'm in love
  13. it was around 60
  14. do all of those type cost 60 dollars. any cheaper.

  15. well that's now on my shopping list right after zippo, chillum, and dugout:D yes, i'm poor :p
  16. dude im poorer. real talk.

  17. yeah man shits bad aint it? just got laid off :(
  18. yea bro. i was outta work about 3 months ago. now im a bank teller. ironic right? i work at a bank, and have no money. real talk bro. F*** Bush.
  19. Are you dense??? just because he paid 60$ for a sick sherlock doesnt mean you can go and get the same one for the same price, It depends on you headshop and how over priced they are, You can usualy talk them down but you really get what you pay for. If you go in and say i wana spend 20$ on the sickest pipe you can get, then your gona get some chinese prodo piece of shit,
    It may look kinda cool but it will be absolute shit, not quality at all and thin.

    but if you go to a quality shop and say i want a slinger (slinger is a artist) sherlock then expect to pay 200$ or more but you get a quality piece of glass done by a certain artist.

    Just dont get the cheapest pipe you see because it looks cool and you can afford it, save you money for some quality glass and expect to pay more than 60$

    There is alot of decent glass spoons and shit you can get for like 40-80$ at my headshop and none of it is chinese prodo, So it really depends on where you are and what you want
  20. ight good to know. i just thought it be a good valentine day present for my lady friend. ya diggg.. yea im gonna have to look around. peaccee

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