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Whos got a half pound?....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iseesmurfs420, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. I DO. hahahah I picked one up for $500. You might be thinking oh its some bammer. NO. Its some kill. Hhahaaha, I love my friends. I hope everyoen is as happy as me.:) :) :)
  2. I'm not ... I am as dry as a motherfucker ... might as well send half of your stash on my way, we'll just call it a "personal favor". :)
  3. have fun with that.
  4. wow you got some sick friends
  5. Thierry Henry?

  6. I was so thinking before I clicked on here that it would be funny if you said "I DO" at the begining :D haha lol. nice ;)
  7. Half a pound for 500, where do u live, i was about to pick one up for 1900

  8. ha thierry henry's BADASS, that kids so hardcore
  9. im dry. so send me some!!!
  10. I'm not dry :)
  11. i can get a 1/2 pound for 4 dvds and $10 id never pay $500 for a half pound and id get one full pound for 6 dvds
  12. hmm...h/p would last me awhile.
    Only issue is finding a source that isn't looking to pull a gun on you instead of actually making a trade.
    Where I used to live, shit like that happened all the time, so I'm now 100% paranoid :p

    The way I see it; it's better to be dry and safe, than rockin a h/p and sweatin everything.

  13. I have never had this much herb. never.
  14. That is an insane amount of herb. I've never had that much at one time, but a man can always dream, can't he? A man can always dream...

    By the way: POST A PIC! You'll make my day!
  15. i'll fucking virtual-kill you if you don't post a pic...:)
  16. I guess youll have to kill me cuz I dont have a camera. Sorry :( I am looking into buying a 5 megapixel digital with my moms work credit. I love that shit any electronics and I get 500 dollars towards it :)
  17. damn man, your just full of good deals
  18. Man right now I am. usually shit goes wrong for me all the time. Actually something serious happened to the guy I got it from ill type it later.
  19. half pund.... srools... then realises typos but doent correct em cos they are funny...

    anyhoo No i dont, and quite honestly i wouldnt want that much... if i got busted i would get fucking raped by the police for having THAT much on me...

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