Whos gonna be your kiss at midnight

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. there are lots of youngins that stay up late
  2. Oh man not just one pretty but two dont make me blush
  3. Sorry I forgot these twelve year olds are drinking smoking and getting pregnant of course theyll be out late
  4. I dont do shit on NYE. At least that's what I always say before getting dragged off to a party. I never know who.
  5. I'll press my supple full lips against a nice ice cold can of coors light :D then my hookah:smoking:
  6. Will be kissing my lovely wife and my beautiful daughter, provided she stays up that late
  7. my fuckin blunt
  8. My bong. Then ima set her finger on fire and milk her till I suck her dry
  9. my kiss at midnight will be a blunt of some exxelundo trees..

  10. well awwwfuckingright then
  11. Hopefully this chick Molly I used to work with. She gonna be at my boys house and she is fun to kiss hahah mad chill
  12. good ole righty
  13. Nobody :( and i usually hook up with a stranger on mew years but not going out this year
  14. I will be milking my new double perc bubbler

  15. : (


    how old is your daughter

  16. She's six, and she's as cute as a button and she knows it.

  17. awww that's sweet, hope she makes it til 12am
  18. the ol' battle axe
  19. I wish I had somebody tonight ;( ill blow one your way tonight @Dank Slap. lol

  20. awe shucks c:

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