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Who's getting fucked up on new years?

Discussion in 'General' started by 343Stoner, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I plan on smoking 4g's tonight with a friend for new years. I have a small tolerance since I just quit for a month, and my friend has no tolerance, so it's gonna fucking be awesome. I also got a new connection of some extremely dank weed, and the high from this dudes weed is fucking amazing. What is anyone else's plans on new years?
  2. gunna kick back and smoke a fat bowl of maui and reminisce about the year by myself.
  3. I wont be doing shit so im pretty pissed
  4. My lungs have been sorta fucked recently so unfortunately I'm not going to smoke tonight. Instead I'm gonna drink myself to oblivion. I have work tomorrow at 7am too. Lets gooooooo
  5. That sucks man, I really hate it when I get a cold or something and it hurts to much to smoke :(
  6. First new years on that's a big negative, unfortunately.
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    Got myself a few cans of Lager, well, a lot of cans of Lager, and some finnnneeeeee budddddd.. I'm a happy motherfucker right now guys. I'm gonna go into 2013 the way I came into life - fucked uppppp haha :smoking:

    No seriously, I'm crazy, I kill animals and fuck my mom. Whow0ooo0

    EDIT: Forgot to say, Happy New Year to all you stoners out there. 2Pac will be blazing in all your dedications tonight :D
  8. Smoke a good banky tnight
  9. Just stocked up on some really strong beers(15% abv), plus I have a bunch of fire bud. Hopefully I don't break anything.
  10. Sitting at home alone, out of weed, all my friends are busy and shit, girlfriends out of town. fuck.
  11. I pity you fools staying home alone
  12. Im going over my girls house soon. Her moms having a bunch of family over, so before we arrive im debating whether I should roll up the last of my bud into a blunt or save it for a few more weeks.
  13. Probably chillin at the crib smoking some dank...scrape up the last of my hash rocks to lace it with.
  14. Got a 40 of weisers and grabbing some canadian kush

    Start this year off right :smoking:

  15. lol yes bro!
  16. not really got to work so nothingspecial, maybe some drinking with the staff while working, check out some old milf, might even get a older gall to invite me over for a good newyears bang:)
  17. I plan on reupping and smoking it all tonight. After that, I'm going on a loooong T-break.
  18. i got two little kids..its kinda hard to get fucked up
    people-when you got never keeps repeating itself over and over again
  19. Get mcfucked up with some mcbitchs and mcalcohol
  20. soooooi sent my wife out to visit her mom, buy some alcohol and get us some fireworks (that alone should buy me another hour :)

    and while shes gone im gona smoke some weed and play video games lol
    then when she gets back, put the kids to bed, lite off fireworks, get the wife drunk and fuck all night:)

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