Whos gettin Dank in London?

Discussion in 'General' started by matty32, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Mostly the only high quality bud i get is sold as white rhino, cheese, AK-47.

    don't get me wrong at least once a fortnight someone comes out with some serious dankage, but its hardly ever in as good condition as some of the nugz iv seen posted on this forum.

    The stuff i buy is potant and tastes good but every once and a while id love to pic up some picture perfect nugz

    jus wonderin if anyone in london has anything to rival the bud iv seen on here from california/ohio?
  2. Not from London; I'm on the south coast, but you're right, it's rare to come across anything as nice-looking as some of the pictures posted on here by American blades.
  3. I'm in the SE, my bud is dank-amundo! :D But that's 'cos I grow it myself. That's the answer man, I put up with 2nd rate weed for ages, you're better off growing your own. :)
  4. Wish I could grow it for myself! Unfortunately I won't be in that situation for a few years.
  5. yea dude im slowly coming to that conclusion myself, just wish my flatmates at uni were more chill about growing

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