Whos generating their own electricity?

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    I've just moved into my first home and quickly realized after getting a huge electricity bill how I would love to generate my own free electricity. I watched this just for fun Free Video Shows you how you can cut your Power Bill! not really considering buying this guys books because this website just sorta looks kinda sketchy usually websites with this template are trying to sell come sort of scam. This website already lied to me saying the video was 7 minutes but its still going, sort of dragging on forever and ever. I don't think this is a genuine guide to building solar panels it seems like a scam to me but its got me thinking.

    I previously looked up how much solar panels would cost and they are pretty dam expensive and I also seen tons of videos and informational websites explaining how its pretty simple to make/install an effective solar energy grid to power a home. I'm pretty handy and with a good guide I can follow it perfectly. Has anybody else made the switch to solar energy setting up their own little grid around the house?

  2. Break out the hamster wheel and get to running. There's your electricity.

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