Who's Fatter??

Discussion in 'General' started by weednotcrack, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I wish i knew how to make a poll but the question is Who's Fatter? a Pot head or a Drunk?

    I think Pot heads are skinner Then Drunks

    Even thou i know all drunk would be like wah wah you have the muchies.

    But then there beer bellys ,i never heard of herb bellys.

    Can herb solve the obesity problem?? maybe.

    but yeah,Who do you guys and gals think is fatter???:bongin:
  2. Neither. Being overweight has nothing to do with if someone smokes pot or drinks, it has to do with what kind of lifestyle they lead (food choices, exercise, etc)
  3. i vote drunks. find me a picture like this with herb involved

  4. It depends on the person, but if I had to choose on average I would say drunks.

    Beer especially will make you fat quick.
  5. OP's on his 420th post :bongin:
  6. It kind of depends on how often the person smoked/imbibes. On average I would say drinkers would be fatter, but theres still going to be many exceptions. It also seems like drinkers generaly end up with beer belly's where as smokers end up filling out all around (face, arms, legs etc.) so while a drunk might immediately apear fatter because of the gut they may still weigh a little less.
  7. well all i can say is who's fatter??? :confused:

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  8. lol pot heads skinner then drunks.
    i laughed at all the bolds

    i would say drunks because drinking intoxicate you to the point sometimes where you cant make food and just grab whatever is done which is usaually junks.

    but theres alot of potheads who love to cook their own food and herb doesnt stop them from doing so.

    i think humans in general just grab the easier food but in total drunks prob eat mroe shit
  9. I would say it depends on the person but as far as stereotypes go barney from the simpsons vs. shaggy from scooby doo I think its pretty clear

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