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who's down to wake 'n bake?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by woke 'n toke, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. That's right, start the day off right! Then when you're done, make a bad ass breafast! Try to check back and maybe post something after every bowl you do and share with everyone how good it was and if you're feeling good- as if we were actually smoking togeather kinda.

    Maybe i'm just being dumb, but it's an idea lol. :D :smoking:
  2. hmmm... it is a bit early to be awake I guess. I for some reason woke up now though.
  3. ok just did half a bowl, came upstairs to top it off with fresh ish, payce
  4. about to go put some water in the freezer and wait for my friend:smoking:
  5. just smoked on my back porch in the shade, then the sirens went off lol. it was nuts! i smoked during the sirens. its the test for the severe weather warning and they do it every 2nd friday or whatever it is now.
  6. woke up and thought i was totally dry but this thread inspired me to dig around and find the very last roach, and toss it in my pipe. then i ate a nectarine and an english muffin. this day is looking up! :hello:
  7. I'm completely dry right now, getting a new sack later today/tonight. But, I figured I'd scrap for resin, got a nice little ball, put it in the bowl, went to fill the bong up with water, lit it up. And the ball was fucking gone! I know I didn't suck it down, because there was nothing in the bong when I emptied it into a glass.

    So basically, I have a resin ball lying around somewhere and I can't smoke it. :cry:.
  8. i wish i could but the white widow i jus got reaks, and cant come out till later
  9. i just woke up a lil while ago and put some water in my tube. Bout to take the first hit of the morning. i gotta take care of some BS today, till then i'll keep on puffing:smoking:
  10. waked and baked w/juicy jays sizzlin bacon--breakfast style!
  11. I always appreciate a good wake n bake session. The highest high of the day (in most cases). Its been awhile since I made a huge breakfast afterwards though. Anyways, Kottonmouth Kings also have a great song dubbed "Wake n Bake". That song is always great to blaze to in the A.M.

  12. I'm proud to say I can't remember the last day I didn't wake and bake.
  13. Just woke up and I'm smoking a blunt. I love a wake 'n bake.
  14. Not a big fan of waking and baking, you can only smoke so much weed in one day so I'd rather save it for later on in the day.. when I wake and bake I feel kinda shitty and burned out all day and I end up falling asleep way too early.

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