whos been to amsterdam? (my stories when there)

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  1. and if you have...what are you favorite coffeeshops and what not??

    ive been there three times. the first time was for 5 days with 4 friends, and it was such an eye opener to fun. i hadnt smoked in a week because i was backpacking europe, and since i live in israel, i hadnt smoked real good bud in over 6 months (we only get swhwagg and horrible hash) so i got soooooo stoned and for five days from 8am to 10 pm was non stop smoking. went to random coffeeshops because i didnt know better.

    two weeks later, we were all in rome, and the ferry we were supposed to take to athens went on strike, so we had a week to kill before our trip ended. everyone went up to north italy to watch the winter olympics and since we had a train pass with unlimited train passes in europe, two out of five of us went back to amsterdam. we started only buying pot at good coffeeshops, and did mushrooms a handful of times. our flight back to israel was from istanbul, so we had to get a plane ticket to get from amsterdam to istanbul, and since we were going to be there, might as well see istanbul, so when we were going to buy tickets, i realized i lost my passport, and it would be impossible to see istanbul for the fact that

    1) it was a friday afternoon when i lost it, so the US consolate was closed (im a us citizen, living in israel, and will become an israeli citizen in the next few months) so i was traveling on a US passport.

    2) monday was martin luther king day, so it was closed again.

    and i had to be in istanbul by wedensday for my connecting flight, so while my friend went to istanbul on friday and spent the weekend there, i was in amsterdam BY MYSELF. at first i was very skeptical of it, but its great. i hung out at the hostel, met people, got stoned, and just had the best time ever. finanally went to the us consolate, with lots of pot on me, which was so sketch, and my new passport photo is soooooo funny (i was sooo high was they took it)

    the third time i went to amsterdam was over our two week spring break from our university. imagine this over spring break: the two or three biggest stoners from every college year aborad program, and pack them in to the dam. we were there for two weeks, going all over the netherlands, meeting the coolest people. we went to rodderdam, liedan, noordvijk, urect, and just got stoned ALL THE TIME. did shrooms every other day, going to world class museums and what not.

    the craziest part of the trip was i did mushrooms before our flight back to israel. since its israel, there was extra security, and they detained me for like 30 minutes on my peak trying to see if i brought anything back (which i didnt, not worth the risk) but it was funny.

    sooo..if you have been to amsterdam...what are your favorite coffeeshops? mine are

    1) barneys. on my third trip to amsterdam our flight got in at 4 am, and i hadnt smoked in a week to get lose my tolerance. at 7am we did a wake and bake with a roor bong of the cannabis cup winner 2004 willie nelson and 2005 hash barney rubble...40 euro a gram...its insane. the coffeshop reminds me of ihop or deneys, except better food, and incredible pot

    2) tweede kamer - same owner as de damprking, but its more personal. the dealer new me after my third trip to amsterdam

    3) grey area - very awsome, and very american. have an amazing selection of bongs, and they sell in eighths, to cater to americans

    what hostels did you stay at? ive stayed at them all, and my persoanl favorite is the flying pig uptown...its situated in a place called vondelpark which is actrully bigger than central park in nyc.

    yup. tell your stories if youve been.

    i cant wait to go back.
  2. Nice first post, and that is a trip I have yet to take. I hope to do it the same as you did though, backpacking style.

    Welcome to the City!:wave:
  3. i plan to make the trip a handful of times in my lifetime, but have yet to as of now.

    and welcome to the city.
  4. I went for my bday in september, my favorite coffeeshop was called Wild Style. Best prices for smoke in there, and also had a mushroom shop right next to it. The guy in the back handed us a joint with hash on it while we were waiting in line to buy smoke. And the house bong there was a 2 footer. I just love saying that.......house bong....haha. It was awesome.
  5. How do the shops work, do they have bongs you can like rent? Or can you bring your own beast in and smoke up?
  6. Wow sounds sweet, how much is it a night at this hostel your talking about?
  7. I haven't been yet but hopefully within the next couple of years I could.
  8. the shops have house glass, but glass is very american, most europeons roll with tabbacco. i did buy a glass piece when i was there to use for the two weeks (the glass there is mediocre(

    and the hostel is amazing. its 20 euros a night, for a bed in a room with 12 other stoners, and there is someone always blazing. you meet so many cool people, from so many cool places.
  9. Im planning a post high school, pre college trip there with my buds *friends :p*.

    Dude, Ive heard great things about Barney's Breakfast Cafe.

    Tell me a little bit about it maybe?
  10. i heard they also vape alot in amsterdam... but I also have yet to take the journey to amsterdam, but soon enough i'll be there, with my buds, tokin up and grubbin mad, not worrying about a damn thing.
  11. [quote name='water filter']and if you have...what are you favorite coffeeshops and what not??

    I Am born in rotterdam and im raised up there..but now we live in the uk for over 2 years now...But shit i think holland is the sickestt... u can get like anysort of weed,skunk in not time..In the street i use 2 live there where like 5 coffee shops next 2 each other..but ur not aloud 2 smoke bud on the streets but fuck it every1 still does it
  12. because thats rotterdam lol they dont care about laws overthere
    look at their hardcore parties 10.000 people inside almost everyone on drugs :D
  13. Dam I want to go there SO BAD. What's it like in the coffee shops? For anybody who has been to the coffee shops could you let me know what it's like when you walk in, with the menu and all that. O and I just smoked 2 gram swisher of perp so I'm zooted.
  14. 40 Euro a gram! that was menu price?/
  15. Price is about 7/8 euro for a gram in Amsterdam
    The rest of the netherlands €5
  16. I'm going this summer. decided this about twenty minutes ago, looking at another topic. I'm sick of living here, I might jut buy a one way and make a new life. not just to live in in amsterdam for the weed, but to give myself a refresher on what it means to be alive.
  17. I like the way you think, im thinkin the same (fuck school)
  18. I really want to go to Amsterdam, it really is a dream of mine. But my friends aren't stoners, I'm the only one who smokes and they won't touch the stuff. Going alone is an option, but it just does not seem like it would be a fun trip alone.

    Anyone with experience alone in Amsterdam for a long period of time(week+)?
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    Your first re-fresher will be the European immigration law, maybe something you should take care of before breaking down the bridges where you are moving from...

    On Edit: Before you ask - I have lived there, legally and for 4 years. The grass is not always greener on the other side, everything wears off after a while.

  20. I love traveling alone... it can be a great experience. You'll have no problem meeting other travelers at hostels and coffeeshops.

    I've been to the 'dam 3 times. I wouldn't want to live there, but it's a great place for a short holiday.

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