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  1. Just saw a segment on ABC news saying Marijuana Smoke POSSIBLY doubles a man's chance for testicular cancer, they dont know what why when how etc. but they say it doubled the risk.

    WTF? How would they even know anyway, i doubt this test has been going on long enough for people to get testicular cancer... And they dont even know how or why? I call BS.

    Damn media always loves jumping on possible ways drugs are bad for you while they skimp over PROVEN ways on how they are good for you.

    Just got a little pissed at this. Though I dont believe a word of it, the sad thing is millions of viewers will...

  2. Ah nvm just saw another thread on the same topic... You can find it in marijuana news, ignore this one if you want.
  3. I don't know whether MJ increases testicular cancer risk or not, but I do know that this "finding" is BS.

    70% of the cancer patients having smoked marijuana doesn't mean a thing. There needs to be a sample of X random non-smokers, X random smokers, and the prevalence of testicular cancer should be noted. This is the way to form a correlation. Granted, this wouldn't prove MJ causes or increases the risk of the cancer, but it would prove the two things correlate. Maybe the cancer could have been caused by butane.

    I digress. 70% of those cancer patients smoking MJ doesn't mean anything. I wonder what percentage of them smoke cigarettes? Eat fast food? Take aspirin? You see how this sort of logic is idiotic.
  4. chaching^
  5. One thing I just realized: What if someone was smoking marijuana medically for the pain caused by Cancer? I'm pretty sure that report wouldn't say that.

    Just typical DRUGZ R BAAD!!! FUD this government loves.
  6. Funny how this study comes out right on the heels of the Phelps incident when it seems very evident that peoples' objections to MJ are becoming fewer and further between. :rolleyes:
  7. Even if it did double the risk, it is a relatively rare cancer so I wouldnt worry about it too much and the fatality rate is very low so worst comes to worst theyll just take a nut out.
  8. Dude its government propaganda, of course they say it causes testicualer cancer just like they said it would cause lung cancers. The truth is they say it because they want to stop you from smoking, government lies I tell ya. if you want some recent and good knowledge watch this video if you already havent

    this is part 1 of 11 there all on you tube watch it, its really great!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C04z1Si4oQg"]YouTube - History of marijuana and why it's illegal part 1[/ame]
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    Chief Skii that is an excellent video! Perhaps the best I've seen. Will def. have to check out the entire series. Thanks for posting.
  10. You certainly understand the scientific method, HerbHal. And even if they proved a correlation, you are correct, that in no way proves causation. You need an experiment to do that, and I don't think they've done any highly valid experiments to prove causation in this case.

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