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Who's a Yahookan poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 18, 2003.


Well which are you?

  1. I was but not anymore

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  2. I still am

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  3. I am only a grasscity stoner.

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  4. I don't know what the hell you are talking about!!

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  5. I still like Ashley Judd better!

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  1. I was a Yahookan and still visit. Who else is, was, or never has been a Yahookan?
  2. its been a loooong time cept for a few posts a couple months back, its not the same place. i dont go back often
  3. i used to be, till i found out all the oldskool 'hookans were tokin' up at the city, yeah yahooka has really went down the crapper, but we had good times there back in tha day,,,

  4. Grasscity is my one and only stoner home. Always has been, always will be!!!!!!!!!! :)
  5. ^^^^ ditto ^^^......Peace out.....Sid
  6. technically I suppose I was. I registered, but never posted. I remember one of the first posts I read people were going back and forth letting the others know how much they suck. next thing I knew, I found this lil niche and made it my home :)
  7. This happens to be the real city for us stoners..

    I do miss the out of no where "BONERS" from time to time..

    I went over there last night to do a little moderating. Theres talk about bannning 6 people. More talk about people that they banned and are now back and still causing shit!

    I guess we should be very proud of what we have here!!
  8. honestly budhead i was thinkin the same thing were not lucky ya'll are just gooood!

  9. the city is where i belong....

    only place i used to chat about the herb other than this was cannabis ... its been a while

    oh.. and hempcity.. but not much.
  10. HIGH All, being gone All week sucks...too much happenings to keep least I have three days to do much reading.

    Ya-Hookan I'll Always be one. Havn't posted much over there...but then again it's hard when you only have a couple of days on the puter.

    OGer I'll Always be one too....and the same as Pottv where I first tested the waters back in 98'
  11. i was but not anymore, I forgot my password anyways, and I had like 80 screen names, I like grasscity 100% better anyways!
  12. Grasscity...only place I've joined and posted, uh discussion forums. I lurked around ya hooka for a few days and it felt like I was in a field of landmines. Name calling just ain' my thing to folks I don't know. I save that shit for my family and friends! LOL love it here at the city!
  13. I'm a member at Yahooka...but I only have 2 posts there!
  14. What the hell are you talking about?

    I am me, me am I.

  15. And that is just to damn bad poppa!~

    Don't you wish you were MR. Ashley Judd?
  16. I found this before yahooka
    and I must say

    the city is the only real stoned city
    nuff said ;)

  17. sometimes! :D
  18. i actually found Yahooka before Grasscity and I have alot more posts in Yahooka. I usually stick to the "Growing the Good Herb" Forum because there is not shit talking there and because I like the fellow growers there. I just wish all the bullshit would go away.

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  19. I used to be a Yahookan, but gave up trying to ignore all the little pissy flame wars and such. Argh! How frusterating! I did change my nick, though, from there to here. I was Michigan Newbie on Yahooka, but since I can't call myself a newbie anymore I had to change it to my stoner goal, to become a full fledged pot geek! :D
  20. This is the only place I have been and I have no desire to go elsewhere. I like it here!

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