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WHOOO! Moving to california..

Discussion in 'General' started by mrgumz, May 20, 2010.

  1. Mannn that's what I've been askin all along.
  2. Amazing news OP.
    Im heading to cali (San Fran and SD) this summer with 2 friends. Can't wait, that's for sure :hello:
  3. ill trade you spots.
  4. Lol even if its bankrupt California still shits on Georgia in awesomeness :D
  5. I thought I read in the news that employees for the State of California at one point were being paid with IOUs since Cali couldn't pony up the funds to actually pay.

  6. yo, so-cal is having a huge drought (weed, not water) right now so yeah. sux.

    up here there's never a drought though so u should barrel on through and live where i do!
  7. You sure bro? I've lived here a long ass time and it sucks pretty bad. I will say that SOME parts of DALLAS are fun at night and AUSTIN is cool, but if you live ANYWHERE else in TX you are in for a shit time.

  8. Yeah i know SF isn't dry. I got my last pick up that was straight from cali because i know who sent it up here :) It was outdoor and not gonna lie when i first looked it i was disappointed then smoked it and god damn this is some of the best bud i've smoked.

  9. HA! in your fuckin dreams, dude!

  10. Somehow i must have missed the memo on the drought. I just picked up some mango delight and some jedi kush. :D

  11. lol dude i live in dallas and i can seem to get weed when ever i need so im sure so-cal wont be much of a hassle. oh and i should be there next week :)
  12. I'm with ya, Blade, I'm leaving for Portland, Oregon, Wednesday. I'll be so glad to get out of South Carolina:hello:
  13. Cali seems like a primo place to live man, good for you.
  14. I love california. Born and raised. Its pretty sweet if you love the dankest bud, crazy sexy wild girls, insane parties, wide varieties of usually (or always for me) high quality recreational substances :p, Raves, lots of different concerts of different genres, lots of shit to do, TONS of down to earth chill people, and a HUGE variety of scenery (lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, deserts, valleys, mountains, forests, as well as the city life) BUT, it sucks if you're looking for work, have to drive in traffic (we probably have the highest concentration of HORRIBLE drivers in the world :p haha), shitty gun laws, HUGE prison and gang populations, as well as a high cost of living.

    With all that said and done, I still love this state and (most of) the people in it.

    *in flight attendent tone of voice*

    "Attention passangers, we are now arriving in The Cannabis State. Please, kick back, relax, and remember pass it to the left" *bong bubbling....* *cough cough*


  15. LA is pretty big, what areas? I can tour you to all the free venues around redondo beach/hermosa beach and show u all the sweet sushi and asian food in torrance...although im white...i hate regional cultures ahhahahaha

    but really where?
  16. i'm pretty sure everybody secretly loves california and the people who say it sucks or "hate on it" are secretly jealous or are obviously jealous.
  17. shit dont really know i just know the area code 90048. lol but my brother has been there for about 7 years so he knows whats around
  18. i feel like i need to move down to LA... its gotta be better than the bay area...

  19. yah but were about to legalize marijuana, so the economy will thrive and shit :eek:

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