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whole room to grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by platinum_angel, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. so i have a whole room to grow and i just have alot of questions and stuff. i dont know whether i should go with 600w or 400w and how many. im going to use soil with a autowatering system. im going to be growing about 20 big ones. but im not sure whether i want to veg them into a bush or go scrog. and if you guys can think of anything else i will need would be really helpful. its just that this a such a huge undertaking just for me lol.
  2. Jesus I would probably be lookin at 1000w like probably 3 or 4 of em. I'd probably do 2 or 3 400w for veg, and I would use aeroponics. I wish I had whole room to grow in:(:devious:
  3. ^^^

    I second the idea you want A LOT more light for 20 large plants. What is SQ Footage that you expect to have the canopy of the SCROG ?
  4. If you really felt like it you could lower your standards a little bit, sounds like you don't have much growing experience. 20 plants would be a pretty big undertaking, maybe pick up a smallish size tent, some venting gear, and a 400w mh/hps light and grow 2 or 3 plants, see how it pans out for you.
  5. Again, I agree with Soapman on this one.
  6. I would say cut the number to 10 you can work your way up to larger numbers later but 2 600watters would cover 10 pretty well. I would do 1gal pots to start then up to 5 gallon buckets. If your starting from seed you could fit 20 under the 2 600w easy male to female ratio from seed is usually about 50/50 so you usually start a little over 2x as many seedlings as you have room for cause some dont make it sometimes or they are undesirable.
  7. thanks everyone but yes i have already harvested about 200 plants and i got about 40 autoflowering strains going in my tents right now.

    the problem with having 1000w bulbs is that i would be paying around 400 a month in electricity plus 250 in i live in spain and have to put on the air conditioning which costs a fortune. temperatures in my tents right now are 30 for 400w and 35 C for 600.

    so i need a plan thats really cost efficient but also produces big yields. im thinking about having a vegging room where i keep my mothers and clones and the a flowering room where all my bud is. lol i suck at machnical stuff and setting this sort of stuff up lol. im thinking of doing about 30 plants to 40 plant SOG. 4-400w bulbs with some side lamps for more penetration. all of them with cool tubes. soil with a autowatering system. big exaust. the reflective wall lining.

    what do you guys think.

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