Whole life just changed in one day.

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  1. I don't intend to make this into a sob story as I realize that I have been given a lot in my life... Just something I gotta get off my chest I guess.

    I just finished my first year at a big university learning to become an electrical engineer, but looking back I see I was definitely not ready for school, I completely blew off the entire year.... I know it was all my fault... I messed up. I have horrible ADD and ADHD and weed actually helped me to finally figure out what the hell I was doing wrong.

    Now instead of going to the same university, I have to go to a smaller one for a year, and leave behind all the good friends I have made. Last year was the best, and the worst year of my life.

    If any of you read this, don't take life for granted.... I did and I sure payed the consequences... As long as you have the motivation to succeed, life can only get better.
  2. dood im in the same situation

    I think I might kill myself because living live is becoming annoying
  3. It seems like you just lacked the work ethic for university and slacked off.

    This wasn't a one day thing. You had a whole year that you chose to be lazy.

    Sorry but this is no ones fault but your own.

  4. Dood, sometimes I feel as if I do want to kill myself but then I say naw. I like playing video games, it's my favorite hobby. So I thought of life as a video game. A giant, never ending video game. It has the best graphics you could hope for but the only thing that sucks is that you only get one life...that I know of. Unless you use cheats, in which case you suck cause your cheating at life. Life is the best video game that will ever be produced. You could do whatever you put your mind to, the only thing holding you back is you.

    As for the OP, motivation is the key to success.

  5. I agree completely.... I just decided to tackle my life's problems all in one day.... lol this has been an interesting day....
  6. I guess, I am my worst enemy...

    Finishing school, getting a job, and a place to live,,, the whole process just seems long and tiring n i think love would be the reword for that, but the buzz i get from love is strong but not long
  7. Big deal, I dropped out my second month of college over a girl. Now I'm a loser, and still obsessed with her. Fuck your better, non-obsessed lives.
  8. things will only get better from here. you'll make new friends and get things back on track with school. just stay focused
  9. shit man, i know how you feel. i did good last semester but this semester i fucked around wayyy too much. i wasted time and money. so this next year im going to take off so i can work full time and be able to move out and be happy. nothin beats tokin in YOUR house
  10. Well you can either have ADD or ADHD, so which is it?

    Might be helpful to go to a counselor of some sort - even ones at your new school so you can get help with focusing on classes and not make the same mistake twice
  11. what do u mean u dropped out of college over a girl? just wondering:smoking:
  12. Must of been one long day :smoking:

  13. what dont you understand? he stated it crystal clear lol
  14. Lol.

    Chem 1020: B+
    Chem lab 1021: A
    Calc III: A
    Intro to Pysch: B+
    Advanced Span Grammar: A+

    Cummulated GPA: 3.60

    You guys need to step it up.
  15. k. way to be helpful

  16. cool, dickhead.
  17. ive been there too man, and now im to busy for anybody except my current girl Francine who lives in my grow cab. Life is shit without education and even though we can be the smartest sons of bitchs out there - it doesnt mean shit if its not on paper saying we have all the tools we need to get the jobs we want in life :(
  18. life may be like a video game, but one thing it lacks is a fucking reset button. or at least a fucking save point so when u mess up you can just go back to where you were safe.
  19. You need to step it up, you fucking dick. Chem 1020 and Psych (especially Intro) isn't hard bro. When you get a 4.0 gpa then maybe you can brag. This dude's having a rough time and you're just adding to his struggle...
  20. My university grades aren't as good as yours but I bet I'm happier than you.

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