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    I’ve got a ton of projects going and I’m going to make a journal for each one so they don’t get all mixed up. Another thread has the landrace projects. This one is for autos. One for this years outdoor. Maybe one more for my main indoor.

    I’m NOT traditionally an auto grower. I haven’t found one yet that I really liked. But everyone is always asking me to make some crosses with them. Mostly I’d like to find something with the right terp profile to mix to my Gelato Mac to work it into an auto of my own.

    To find the right thing I’ve started 50 autos from different breeders. Got some Mephisto. Night Owl, Fast Bud, stuff from small breeders, lots of variety. All in 5 gallons pots packed 25 per tent. One tent started a couple weeks after the other. I’m not ever going to claim to be the best auto grower. But with this many I can definitely compare yield, vigor, terps, potency bag appeal etc. Make a few crosses of the best to work with in the future. If anyone has any fav autos I’d love to know. If you want to trash talk autos my feelings won’t be hurt. I might join in.

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  2. Having never messed with or been tempted as they don't fit my grow style. It is all I can do to keep a photoperiod from flowering. :) I'll follow along since your running enough of them for it to be instructive and informational. Never hurts to pick up more general grow info.

    All to often we get a new grower posting pictures of a 12 inch flowered Auto flower asking what they did wrong.

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  3. I can’t promise to do any better. It goes against all my instincts. They don’t want fed much or transplanted or topped or messed with. Don’t want much water. Less light than a photo. I transplanted the first tent and didn’t for the second tent so we can see if there is an overall trend with stunting or not. I think they would get a lot bigger with some LST but I can’t do that and fit as many in the tent. My feelings are, other people can probably grow autos a lot better than I can. But I can still recognize quality one compared to the next. Make some crosses and see how they do in other peoples hands who are better with autos.
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