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Whoever smoked Afghani, come in this thread!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jarjarbinx, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Well i should be getting a quater or some Afghani soon, and i was wondering what kind of qualities i should look for in this bud. As in, what does it taste like? The smell? And of course, the high! I look forward to toking this bud, tell me your expierance with it. :rolleyes:
  2. all i remember is it being the best weed i ever smoked. have fun! the first time i ever blazed, i smoked blueberry haze, which was amazing. after a year of toking every day, i never got very high anymore, and then i picked up some nice, crystally afgani kush. I remember smoking a 1.1 gram blunt, loaded with kief, between my roomate, his friend and I, and it was as high as i had ever been. Got the giggles for the first time in a WHILE, and had SUCH a blast. man, i will certainly pick up that as soon as i can find it again. It was $400 an ounce, but my friend was nice, and let me cop a quarter, pro-rated for $100. damn... good weed
  3. An amazing Indica that tastes kinda skunky with a hashy aftertaste. You should look for Indica characteristics such as darker green buds, dark big leaves etc...
  4. Such a great smoke with a calming, mellow high. Enjoy it.
  5. had it about 2 weeks ago, not one of my favorites but it was pretty good. just like every other kush and im not a big kush fan i prefer other strains although i did like the skunky taste that came with it and the kush high but it was way too stoney for me i like satvias
  6. Funky red hairs also.
  7. suposedly i got some like a month was alright.very light bud,so ittle look like alot more but its actually not.but yah red hairs nice head high it seemed like
  8. Hmm yes, recently been tokin on some afghan christmas kush. Skunky smell when ground, looking at it, its an olive drab color, pretty uniform. Close inspection reveals small hairs and crystals. I go crazy on it.

    But the best inspection is the consumption test.
  9. stoned out of your mind high.

  10. hahaha, mmmmmm. goddamn, i love it.

    any idea what kind of afghani strain it is? goo? kush? etc?

  11. Im a dailey user and i had to stop for a few days due to lax camp.....had an eigth of afghan on the way up and went to my car last day of camp. packed up the bubbler and i took one hit.....stoned. Like my face was melting
  12. afghani kush is by far some of the dankest weed I have ever smoked. very nice and crystaly bud. it was amazing. it tasted wonderful and got my friend and i super blazed, and we only had a gram.
  13. i got afganie hash plant. was real lucky and got a purp. 8 weeks fini. earthy taste. good buzz, kind of creeperish. enjoy..:wave:

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