Whoes been high since 3???

Discussion in 'General' started by Misfit, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. haha, good stuff bud!

    i am freshly baked, but its nice. will be till late into the evening :D

    how much you smoke from then till now??
  2. haha picked up a half at 3 pm 2/22 and started smoking then at 3 am 2/23 or just a few min ago i stoped. :) it was a good day. and now that half is gone :-( oh well i'll just have to get more tomarrow.
  3. so now its 410 am and IM STILL HIGH!!! ok so tonight was my first expearence with a bubbler so i got green. hit that bitch so hard i was coughin for the next 10 mins. i had to get up and walk it off. from there we (there was 3 of us) smoked 3 bubbler bowls. then a bit later we smoked out of my apple pipe which holds about what a med sized spoon would. we smoked 2 apple pipe bowls. then we smoked a fat j. and just now we smoked 2 more bubbler bowls. all in total it was 7 bowls and a fat j, god im high as fuck@@
  4. i picked up a fatass bag and rolled like all of it into a fat ass blunt (like one of those big cigars for 50 cents on the counter at gas stations. I had like 3-4 bowls left over, so later on i threw a fatty bowl in my glass (this was with some girls who i like and my 2 best friends.) o and my dealer, but it was pretty sweet.
  5. the bubbler kicked my ass last night but it was amazing.

  6. doesn't sound like a very responsible father...
  7. Yeah that's incredibly irresponsible...and I really don't think it would hurt the kid at all to have gotten high. What do I mean?
    Well getting high is cars is pretty sketchy since it usually means you are somewhere where it's easy to get caught. If he had gotten caught he probably wouldn't ever see his kid again, you might want to remind him of that the next time he decides to hotbox with his kid in the car.
  8. I was high from thursday evening till monday night, now i'm dry and don't like it :(
  9. l,ve been high since 1993.lol :D
  10. lol i did mean 3 oclock. and now im dry.
  11. You must grow critter.
  12. im in college and livin in a dorm so growing is out of the question right now
  13. ive been high for the last 40 minutes, ooo let the good times rolllllll babey.
  14. im drinking hot water. but i got no weed
  15. been high since 3 this afternoon, but thats way it is everyday.

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