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  1. Well im a regular smoker, Been smoking alot of dank lately, But last night me and my boy picked up sum regg(BTW-We have been to this dealer an bought his weed many times). Well we ripped about 2 bong packs last night. An i was feeling pretty high. Well this mourning we smoked almost two blunts out his cobra bong, an i felt buzzn like how you buzz of a cigg, But it made me feel real sick, like i was dizzy when we were driving, like almost carsick, an my stomach started hurting. I dunno, has this happened to anyone else?
  2. thats the reg high lol

    not suggested
  3. Yea, but it has never happened to me before, an all i used to smoke was Reggie. Hmmm i dunno, i guess ill just have to stay away from reggie.
  4. Never happened to me. I usually always smoke dank. I also smoke alot of reggie because I dont like rolling my sticky into joints. Possibly you were getting a cold? I felt like that when I smoked while I was sick. Maybe you smoked a seed? Stem?
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    Woah, crazy to think of 2010 being the past, time fucking flies man.:smoke:

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