Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. I just had a awesome trip on salvia, and my mate had the same amont and just felt a little "weird". strange.

    im just coming down now. still just feeling it
  2. tell us about it krapp. howd it go??
  3. yep, as usual, just i had much more than usual, and everything had like patterns around it, and for some reson i was convinced i couldnt turn round, untill i did.

    I love the intenseness of salvia :D

    Must Have more again soon. one thing, anyone else sweat like mad? ialways do lol

    I'll write the trip out if u;d like lol.
  4. I did salvia at a shroom trip peak. Walls and objects in the room turned into repeating interlocking surroundings - nothing like my room. Look at my buddy and got incredible deja-vu. I instantly was drenched in sweat, and for some reason i felt a force pulling my head downward. Completely irrational, nonsensical thoughts were going through my brain. For some reason i thought i was supposed to take off my pants, and i did. I lay on the bed in my boxers, dazed. Looked at the clock "an hour" later and it had been 10 minutes. I retuned to normal shroom trip afterwards.

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